Biographical information

Dark Water

Physical description

Mutant Insect (temporary)



Hair color


Out of universe information

1987 series

First appearance

State of Shock

Voiced by

Tony Jay

Teachers and Students

Megavolt, also known as Alex Winter, is a villain in the 1987 TV series. He is the leader of a ninja gang who commits crimes in the city. He appears in the season 8 episode "State of Shock".


Alex Winter was an agent of the elite force Dark Water. He was their top warrior, skilled in all the martial arts. He was used as a test subject for "Operation Ultima", Dark Water's plan to create the ultimate warrior. This operation was believed to be a failure. However, Alex Winter survived, though he was badly disfigured, and the test gave him the power to create charged matter from his fingertips.

As he felt betrayed, he decided to become a Ninja villain named Megavolt and trained a group of ninjas to steal energy source for his power. Upon gaining enough power, he covered himself in an insectile energy body and began wreaking havoc as revenge against Dark Water. He was disarmed by Leonardo soaking him with water and destroying his energy-siphoning suit, and arrested by Dark Water.


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