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Alvin Huxley is a professor appearing in the 1987 TMNT cartoon episode Mobster from Dimension X. He is a celebrated scientist who develops the protein computer,[1] which could be used to control other computers and electronics at a distance.

Upon completing his invention, Huxley became the target of the Globfather and his goons, but the Turtles prevented the theft of the protein computer. He and the protein computer were moved to a nearby military base, but he was kidnapped by the Globfather regardless. Before that, he was able to slip the protein computer's brain into his son Ronnie Huxley's toy car.

However, his nerve failed when the Globfather placed some of his own slime on the scientist, threatening to turn him into a blob creature like himself. He confessed where he had hidden it, but didn't dare to try to help his son.

He was forced to continue helping the Globfather and Lord Dregg take control of the world's computers. The Turtles managed to free him of the Globfather's slime, and reunited him with Ronnie.