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The Amazonian Blade Bots, also known as the Karai Bots or Karai Legion, are a trio of gynoids created by Dr. Chaplin to resemble Karai, who Chaplin had romantic feelings for. Towering over the Turtles at an astonishing eight feet tall, the Blade Bots brandish weapons such as twin katana, kusarigama, and a naginata. It is unknown why the Amazonian Blade Bots are named as such, as their appearance are derived from a Japanese woman; however, Chaplin may have used the term "Amazonian" as a synonym for beautiful, or to refer to their stature over standard people.

The Blade Bots first appear in the 2003 TV series episode New Blood. Karai tests their strength and is soundly defeated by them; only Saki's order to halt the robots keep them from slaying her. Later, when the Turtles break into the fallen Triceraton Tribase that the Foot Clan had begun to occupy, the Blade Bots attack the Turtles. The Blade Bots are finally destroyed by Baxter Stockman, who sabotages them out of jealousy.

More Blade Bots appear in the episode Same As It Never Was, this time known as the Karai Legion. Under the command of Karai herself (Chaplin is nowhere to be seen in this episode), the robots fight the Turtles and April O'Neil, who have broken into The Utrom Shredder's fortress. The robots end up slaying Michelangelo , and one of them distracts Leonardo long enough for Karai to kill him.

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The Amazonian Blade Bots also appear in the video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare as a triple-teaming boss (although they have no visible energy meter as the other bosses do, the player is awarded a Boss Clear Bonus upon their defeat). Their involvement in the game is much the same as in New Blood, except for Stockman's sabotaging. The Blade Bots later return as standard enemies in the Don's Nightmare stages.

Karai's alternate costume in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up resembles the Amazonian Blade Bots. Its design is identical to the silver one, but it is gold in color.