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Angel nobody
Biographical information

New York City


Indeterminate mixed race


Angel Bridge, Nobody


Street brawling, crime fighting

Weapon(s) of choice

Exo-suit, Escrima sticks, anti-gravity cannon


Street Punk (former), crime fighter


Purple Dragons (IDW)

Physical description




Hair color

Purple and black

Eye color


Out of universe information



IDW Publishing

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 11 (IDW)

Teachers and Students

Angel Bridge is an ally of Casey Jones and later the TMNT as well as crime fighting partner to Alopex. Like in the 4Kids series she is a former member of the Purple Dragons gang (which she had joined shortly after the accidental death of her mother) and she was the leader Hun took over from. But unlike her parent incarnation, she appears to be older and more of a skilled fighter. At the time the Dragons were still a violent street gang, and Angel threatened to slip into a life of crime. One of her childhood friends Casey, whose father and her own were close friends, confronted her at approximately the same time her mother was lost, and brought and her back to reason, an act for which Angel was sincerely grateful. Their conversion was also ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Dragons reorganized its leadership under a vigilante.

One day the Ninja Turtles were forced to look for a new home by Baxter Stockman, his M.O.U.S.E.R.S. and Old Hob, where they came upon April O'Neil in her father's old antique shop which was observed by Angel. Since the Dragons already had unpleasant encounters with other mutants from the Foot Clan, there was a battle between the Turtles and the Dragons until Casey joined them and was able to clear up the misunderstanding. Despite some reservations Angel eventually helped the Turtles, free their father Splinter from the clutches of The Shredder, and supported them from than on against the occasional machinations of the Foot Clan.

Finally, the leadership of the Purple Dragons was wrested from Angel by force, by a resurrected Hun and the Dragons reverted to their former existence as a violent street gang. Then Angel disappointed from the passage and stood in the subsequent conflict against the Foot and the Dragons on the side of the Turtles and their friends.

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 34, When she visited the paranoid inventor Harold Lillja together with Donatello and April, Angel dons Harold Lillja's exo-suit in order to stop the rogue combat robot Metalhead. When Lillja asks her for her name again after she beats Metalhead she says she's "Nobody" and began to tackle the crime in the streets of the city. Finally, she met Alopex, which she warned of a plot against the turtles by Bebop and Rocksteady, and Old Hob's adolescent mutant army.

After helping the Turtles defeat Bebop and Rocksteady, she then teamed up with Alopex to fight crime.


Angel Bridge (IDW)/Gallery

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