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April O'Neil
Biographical information

New York City
Northampton, MA
O'Neil Farm






Scientific reasoning

Weapon(s) of choice

Her mind, Fists


Student, Intern


formerly StockGen
Casey Jones

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Green, Black

Out of universe information



IDW Publishing

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 1 (IDW)

Teachers and Students

Casey Jones


April O'Neil is a character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics series by IDW Publishing.


Change is Constant

April is a young biotechnology student. In the beginning April was a college intern for research at Baxter Stockman's genetics laboratory, Stock Gen Research Inc.. On her first day she was being shown around the lab by one of the scientists, Chet Allen. At April thought Stock Gen is all about bioengineering meat to feed starving people in third world countries, is surprised by the Turtles' presence. She's even more surprised when a moment later a large rat hopped on top of the Turtles' terrarium. Chet tells her that its just Splinter, a rat being used for an ongoing experiment. Splinter, who already possessed the intelligence and cognitive characteristics of a person due to an experiment, she recognized as a potential friend. What she didn't know is that Stock Gen and it's CEO Baxter Stockman are secretly working for and supplied Mutagen to an alien warlord named General Krang. After working at Stockgen for sometime April has become very fond of the Turtles. Lindsey, another scientist at Stockgen, tells April why the rat is called Splinter: he's part of an experiment testing the effects of a psychotropic drug serum that separates the animalistic, instinctual side of the animal from the logical, cognizant side of the brain. Chet tells April she should name the Turtles, but she informs him she already has: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael (inspired by her History of Renaissance Art class). April was studying for class in the Stockgen labs late one night when Splinter approaches her and attempts to draw her attention to the contents of a compact disc, containing information on Stockgen's involvement in illicit military research. Two ninjas break into the lab to steal samples and test animals and attempt to eliminate April which eventually led to the transformation of Splinter and the Turtles into mutants. Splinter, acting quickly, pulls the fire alarm. In the confusion brought on by the alarm, April manages to attack one of the ninjas. Two security guards arrive and the ninjas flee. After the incident April tried to tell the police the story of the break-in to the police. She told them about the ninjas and they write it off as corporate espionage. She tells them she would never have gotten away if Splinter hadn't pulled the fire alarm. For awhile she believed that Splinter and the Turtles were gone forever.

Enemies Old, Enemies New

April was later about to head out of town for winter break. But due to the trauma she had suffered in the attack, before leaving, she puts up a flier on the bulletin board advertising tutoring in any subject in exchange for self-defense lessons. Her flier is later answered by Casey Jones, who had coincidentally recently befriended the Turtles and Splinter and needed help academically in order to maintain his scholarship. Their first session began in the New York Tech Gymnasium, where April was taught self-defense by Casey. They wrap up and April says they should tackle the English paper Casey has to write. April and Casey are getting to know each other over coffee at a doughnut shop. Casey tells her that ever since his mom died, he and his dad haven't gotten along very well. April tells him about her dad's bad stroke and how she almost quit school to go home and help her mom take care of him. Casey asks her what caused her interest in self-defense, and April tells him about the break-in that occurred while she was working in the Stockgen laboratories and the ninjas who tried to kill her. Casey asks how she got away and she tells him that the lab rat named Splinter pulled the fire alarm and scared them away. After telling Casey her story she is eventually told by him that he has something important to show April. They drive to a mostly abandoned part of town and park her van. She asks him where they're going and he tells her: the sewers. While in the sewers April is eventually reunited with the Turtles who are in the midst of planning to break in to Stockgen. In the midst of making their plans they hear voices approaching, and a moment later Casey arrives with April in tow. At the sight of four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April faints.

Shadows of the Past

After she awakens April is stunned by whole situation. After she got over the initial shock she informs the Turtles that she is the one that named them (after Italian Renaissance painters, no less) in Stock Gen. After being introduced, April, Casey and the Turtles quickly formulate a plan to break into Stock Gen and rescue their father. April she can back out if she's afraid, but she declines, saying she wants to help. Donatello decides to bring along one of the disabled M.O.U.S.E.R.S. Outside Stock Gen, April, Casey and the Turtles iron out the final details of their plan. Donatello uses the repurposed M.O.U.S.E.R. to attack the radio transmitter in the security guard's office. With their communication system disabled, the security personnel leaves their posts to investigate, allowing the Turtles to slip in unnoticed. Casey and the Turtles knock out a few guards and find out where Splinter is being held. April and the others later pull into a gas station. After breaking into Stock Gen to find Splinter has been taken again, their spirits are low and their tensions are high. Leonardo says they're up against the Foot, that it is their past life leading them to fight their old foe. Donatello tells him that's garbage, and the whole idea that they're four boys from Feudal Japan reincarnated is ludicrous. Donatello is convinced that all of their conflicts are centered in the here-and-now, modern-day affairs related to their escape from Stock Gen and subsequent mutation. The Turtles begin arguing emphatically until Michelangelo breaks them up, reminding them that they have no home now and need to find a place to go. April tells them she knows the perfect spot. April shows the Turtles her parents unused antique shop, The Second Time Around Shop. It is exactly what it sounds like, and each of the Turtles finds something to their liking inside. Leonardo thanks April for being able to use the place. Michelangelo goes to get the gang pizza for breakfast. Soon after, April leaves, realizing what time it is and that she has a test in a few hours. Casey leaves with her. After the Turtles save Splinter April is reunited with her savior and begins to cry. Splinter wakes and asks her why she's crying; she smiles and says it's because she was afraid she wouldn't be able to thank him for saving her life.


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