Balaraphon is an alien world that was inhabited by a peaceful species native to Dimension X in the 1987 TV series. They were attacked unprovoked by an invasion fleet led by Krang and Shredder, but saved thanks to the interference of the TMNT, who had arrived on the planet. The TMNT's arrival on Balaraphon was the final phase of a plan by Shredder to exhaust and trap them after a period of exploration in Dimension X. It is also the scene of the Technodrome's final destruction, as it was dragged down into the pit of a tentacled creature after its engines were blown out by the TMNT whilst escaping Shredder's trap. (Turtle Trek, Divide and Conquer)

Balaraphon is seen again when Donatello and Michaelangelo travel there to retreive Krang's Android body from the ruins of the Technodrome, which now sits on a small hill.

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