Barney stockman
Barney Stockman
Biographical information

Earth, NYC


Mad scientist


McFingers gang

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information

1987 series

First appearance

Raphael Knocks 'em Dead

Voiced by

Pat Fraley

Teachers and Students
Barney Stockman is the red-haired twin brother of Baxter Stockman in the 1987 TV series, he also is a mad scientist, and he threw fits whenever someone confused him with Baxter. He claims to be the good-looking one. He somehow knew his brother got turned into a fly, but is a bit inaccurate on the details (he believes Baxter turned himself into a fly by accident, when it was actually because Krang attempted to disintegrate him, but he got mixed up with a fly). His only appearance is in "Raphael Knocks 'Em Dead", which in the beginning while the Turtles were channel-surfing Barney was seen mixing chemicals, suggesting he has his own science show.

In the episode, he is used by Pinky McFingers and his gang to kidnap comedians and use a machine to enhance the hilarity of their jokes. Barney and Pinky McFingers kidnapped Raphael and used him to spread chaos until the turtles rescued Raphael. In the end, he is arrested and sent to jail.

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