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Baxter's Robotic Suit
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Monster of Doom
Power Suit of Doom


Enhanced strength
Extendable arms
Jet pack

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Lasers, M.O.U.S.E.R.S., Claw hand drones, Missiles, Welding Torch, Flame Thrower


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Robotic Suit/Robot

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2003 TV series, 2012 TV series, Video games

First appearance

Return to New York, Part 2

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Baxter Stockman


Baxter's Robotic Suits are high-tech battle suits developed by Baxter Stockman in the TMNT franchise.

General Description

Because he is physically inferior to his enemies because of a lack of appropriate training, Baxter Stockman designed various combat suits, to compensate for these shortcomings in an open confrontation.

In general, the suits are equipped with high-performance servos, which give its pilots superhuman strength, and have a metal outer skin as armor. In addition, they are also provided with a variety of integrated weapons systems, their nature can vary with each version. Depending on the version and technical development the suits may well be able to fly by means of rocket propulsion.

2003 Series

In the 2003 TV series three-part episode "Return to New York" Stockman used a Utrom technology based "Ultra-Cyborg" - suit in an attempt to take revenge on the Shredder, Hun and the Turtles.

In addition to the general abilities the suit also has extendable arms, an internal jet pack array to fly up from traps and falls, and is built from a self-healing polymer crilic, which fixes minor damage by itself. In addition, each limb is provided with its own internal back up power source - a design that Donatello ​​promptly exploited by using a severed arm of the suit and its weapons systems against Stockman.

This suit appeared as a boss in the 2003 console/PC game.

2012 series

Stockman-Pod or Monster of Doom" is a robotic suit created by Baxter Stockman with the help of the T-pod.

In the 2012 animated series Baxter Stockman used different variants of a exosuit, generally referred to as a "Stockman-Pod" ("Stockman capsule").

It first appeared in I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman when the T-Pod upgraded Baxter's mechanical suit into a bigger threat to the turtles and in its second appearance the suit is called "Monster of Doom" and has its own A.I. based on Baxter.


Baxter stockman (1)

The first version was originally a rather crude design, but was the best thing Stockman could build with the technology available to him: An unarmored exoskeleton with a welding torch mounted on the left forearm. The weaknesses of the suit lay in its lack of a decent armor and armament, and an insufficient energy source consisting of two car batteries carried on the back. Before being affected by the T-Pod the suit was able to enhance Baxter's strength.

Baxter's minifigure version appears wearing this prototype suit in the Baxter Robot Rampage LEGO set.

Second form "Stockman-Pod (Mark 2)"

Baxter stockman (2)

Through the influence of the T-Pod, which was equipped with the latest military technology, Stockmans exoskeleton was transformed into a construct of living metal. The further the T-Pod was connected with the suit, the more skills were available to the suit with time, especially the spontaneous development of newly incorporated weapons systems. Besides enhancing the user's strength the suit now could release its claw hands and use them as drones, which had lasers.

In 2013 Playmates Toys released this version of Baxter's suit in toy form.

Third Form "Stockman-Pod (Mark 3)"

Baxter stockman (3)

The third version of the Stockman-Pod was not as technically sophisticated as the second, nevertheless it was still far superior to the Turtles, in open battle. After its second upgrade the suit was able to shoot missiles. However, this version was not completely armored; Stockman had left an open viewport at the front of the suit, which Michelangelo clogged with a wasps nest and thus caused Stockman to quickly lose control of the suit.

This version of the suit appears in the 2013 video game. Referred to by Baxter Stockman as the "Power Suit of Doom".

This version of the suit appears in the Baxter Robot Rampage LEGO set.

Final Form "Monster of Doom"

After its last upgrade Baxter had it improved for Baxter's Gambit, adding lasers, M.O.U.S.E.R.S. and an artificial intelligence. In contrast, this suit was not controlled by Stockman directly from the inside, but with the help of a helmet and Stockmans thought pulses. However, this was of the greatest weakness of the Monster of Doom, because Stockman was located outside of the suit in this version and thus was vulnerable to attack.