Beneath These Streets
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
Beneath These Streets Title Card 1987
Title Card
Season Code: 3
Episode: 1
Original airdate September 25, 1989
Written by Michael Reaves
Episode chronology
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"Return of the Technodrome" "April Fool"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Season

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  45. "The Big Rip-Off"
  46. "The Big Break-In"
  47. "The Big Blow Out"

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Beneath These Streets is the first season 3 episode. It originally aired in syndication on 25 September 1989.


Beneath the city streets, deep in the bowels of the sewer system, Splinter is less than pleased with the Ninja Turtles when he encounters them lounging around the TV rather than practicing their daily katas (martial arts exercises). The Turtles lamely suggest that with Shredder out of the way (he and Krang were sent to the Earth's core in the previous episode), they deserve a vacation. Splinter suggests that they have no proof that Shredder and Krang are "vanquished" and that there is still plenty of other crime/criminals to be fought.

Meanwhile, miles below the Earth's surface, rests the Technodrome. Inside, Shredder "whines" to Krang about when they will take the Technodrome to the surface. Krang tells Shredder that they are low on power and that certain essential equipment (i.e. the Protein Silicon Brain Computer) has been damaged, thanks to Shredder's incompetence. But Krang reassures him that they can be repaired but it will require a trip to the surface to obtain the necessary parts.

The next night while on patrol, the Turtles decide to treat themselves to a Kung Fu movie marathon. Once inside the theater, the TMNT turn off their Turtle Coms, so as to not be disturbed.

Meanwhile, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop arrive via Krang's "Pneumatic Modules" on the surface. At the same time, Splinter worries that the Turtles are late returning from their patrol and is unable to reach them via his Turtle Com.

Across town, April O'Neil is preparing to tape a press conference at the Metro Hospital when she's contacted by Splinter, via her Turtle Com. April tells the sensei that she hasn't seen the boys in green, but will help find them in anyway she can. A few minutes later, while a Doctor (Metro Hospital Administrator) is displaying a prototype of the new Medi-Laser Gun - "the most advanced instrument know to man for healing," Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop burst through the doors and "liberate" the gun from the good doctor, claiming that this is just what they need to repair the Protein Silicone Brain Computer. Unable to reach the Turtles, April quickly contacts Splinter.

After the movie, the Turtles consider contacting Splinter but opt for a pizza instead. Meanwhile, April and Splinter are cruising the streets in an effort to find them. Once downtown, Splinter's keen sense of smell enables him to locate Shredder's hideout. Inside, he attacks Rocksteady and Bebop, giving Shredder enough time to "reverse the polarity" on the Medi-Laser Gun. The blast knocks Splinter unconscious, but not before he is able to use his staff to knock loose a component of the Medi-Laser Gun. Shredder is unaware of the missing component and orders Rocksteady and Bebop to return to the Technodrome.

April returns Splinter to the Turtles' Lair. The guilt-ridden Turtles decide that the only way to reverse the condition of the comatose Splinter is to find Shredder, obtain the Medi-Laser Gun, reverse the polarity once again and blast Splinter at equal strength.

Krang is momentarily delighted with the Medi-Laser Gun until he discovers he can't aim it because the "Directional Control Module" is missing. Shredder goes back to earth with Rocksteady and Bebop.

Shredder discovers that Splinter's body is gone and decides it could only mean one thing - the Turtles have both Splinter and the "DCM." Shredder encourages Rocksteady and Bebop to go on a rampage in Central Park. Leonardo drops a canister of sneezing gas on them from the Turtle Blimp/Glider. Rocksteady and Bebop decide to beat feet, leaving the Turtles no other option than to return to their lair. Shredder follows them. After a brief martial arts altercation, Shredder obtains the DCM, but now the Turtles have the Medi-Laser Gun. Donatello is confident that he can build his own DCM.

Meanwhile, Krang sends two Foot Soldiers to aid Shredder. Back at the lair, Donatello is unsuccessful in his attempt to build a DCM but learns, via TV, that a new Medi-Laser Gun has been built. The Turtles suspect that Shredder is aware of this as well and race to the Metro Hospital in hopes of getting there before Shredder and company.

Before the Turtles arrive, Shredder, Rocksteady, Bebop and the two Foot Soldiers are already escaping with the device. The villains lure the Turtles into the sewer. A water main bursts, and Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop are washed away as Michelangelo retrieves the Medi-Laser Gun.

Back at the lair, Splinter is revived. April volunteers to return the DCM to the Metro Hospital on the way to file her story at Channel 6 News.


  • Michael Reaves

Character voices




Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 3
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • Raphael's "R" turned white in the close up shot of him and the other Turtles looking into the river after Bebop and Rocksteady had fled.
  • Leonardo's reflection in the puddle in the sewer when the Turtles were heading back to the lair was not seen mirror flipped.
  • When Shredder and the mutants were first seen appearing into view when following the Turtles in the sewers, Leonardo was seen with both katanas on his back although he spend the beginning of the scene carrying one of his katanas.
  • Shredder's skin tone changes colour in various parts of the episode.
  • The strapping on the handles on Leonardo's swords were coloured grey just before he used them to slice the barrel off Rocksteady's stun laser.
  • After Leonardo cut the barrel off Rocksteady's stun laser, his eyes were coloured white instead of yellow.
  • Both times the module surfaces, it's a repeated clip, but with different lines.
  • When the Turtles see Splinter in a coma and regret the movie and eating pizza, Raphael speaks in Leonardo's voice.
  • Donatello's mask, arm, and leg straps all appear pink in many of the scenes during the episode.
  • The right hand on Krang's body was flesh coloured and the left was coloured red when Krang said that the Technodrome was low on power.
  • When Shredder was getting ready to throw the gas grenade, Rocksteady's horn was coloured the same as his skin.


  • Debut of the Transport Modules, pneumatic devices used to drill to the Earth's surface that will continue to be used for Foot Clan members main mode of transport for the rest of the season.
  • Debut of the Stun Lasers, primarily used by Bebop and Rocksteady and possibly obtained from Dimension X.
  • From this point onward, the Turtles' Lair now has a new permanent layout and the Channel 6 building has a new exterior.
  • First appearance of the Turtles' disguises which feature woolen hat, mittens and a padded jacket.
  • When Splinter attacks the Turtles there is a katakana sign that reads "Animeeshion" which means Animation, suprisly Toei Animation is credited in some episode credit rolls
    Animation (DVD rip)
  • The Turtles somehow mention the three TMNT LA movies when they say, "they should make a movie about us"
  • This is the first time Mike is bored of Cowabunga, instead he tries to say Fred Flinstone's catchphrase "Yabba Dabba Doo"


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