Bigfoot monster - 2007 TMNT film
Big Foot
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Canada and the US Pacific Northwest


Thirteen Monsters

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Out of universe information

Fourth movie

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Special #1

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The Big Foot or Sasquatch is a large, fur-covered creature that appears in the TMNT universe.


Like the rest of the Thirteen Monsters, Big Foot escaped from a portal in South America 3000 years ago, and has been terrorizing humanity ever since. This monster inhabits Canada and the US Pacific Northwest, where many legends about the creature have developed.


Big Foot is one of the Thirteen Monsters that appears in the 2007 film. The Turtles encounter it as Karai and her Foot Ninja are attempting to capture it for Max Winters.

Big Foot appears as a boss in the console/PC and PSP/DS versions of the 2007 video game, and is the sole boss of TMNT: Ninja Adventures. The Big Foot chases you in the Turtle Van level of TMNT: Power of 4.


  • Like the rest of the Thirteen Monsters and Marlin's Cryptids, the Big Foot is based on Foot a real-world legend, though in the story it is the basis of those legends.
  • While several Big Foot or Sasquatch have appeared in TMNT fiction, it is likely these are not intended to be the same character, but rather different interpretations of the Big Foot legend.


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