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Script: Kevin Eastman
Pencils: Simon Bisley
Inks: Simon Bisley
Lettering: Steve Lavigne

  • Cover date: February, 1996


At a bar in New York City, a massive brawl has broken out amongst all the patrons. Casey Jones is in the thick of it, pitted against a rather large and imposing fellow. Outside, a distraught woman is on the run when she passes the bar and is smacked by the flying carcass of Casey, whom the big gentleman has sent hurtling through the window. After taking a few licks from the irritated female, Casey gets back up and runs back into the bar for Round Two.

The woman, named Midnight, is cornered in an alley by her pursuer: cyborg hitman Johnny Woo Woo and his gang. Apparently, Midnight and Johnny were an item back in Hong Kong, but during a botched hit on a gangster named Shakkur, Midnight was forced to ditch the getaway car when the police arrived. Made the scapegoat for the hit’s failure, Midnight has become Johnny’s next assassination target.

Johnny prepares to execute them when a fire escape ladder falls off its hinges and flattens his goons. Raphael then leaps down from above and disarms Johnny. The two tussle for a bit until Midnight lays Johnny out with a block of wood. Midnight then encourages Casey and Raph to make a getaway with her before the cops show up. As they flee, Johnny digs his metal fingers into the concrete, furious.


  • ”Bodycount” was initially released as “Casey Jones & Raphael” by Mirage Studios. After the publication of the first issue, however, plans began for all TMNT comics to be published by Image Comics. As a result, the completed miniseries was shelved for a year and then released under Image as “Bodycount”. The entire Bodycount series is considered Mirage canon, unlike Image's Volume 3.
  • Casey Jones & Raphael #1 contains 20 pages. Bodycount #1 contains 26 pages. Originally, Mirage planned to published Casey Jones & Raphael as a five-part miniseries. When the release was moved to Image, the total page count was divided up differently so as to fit in four issues.
  • Casey Jones & Raphael #1 contains a bonus story, “Guzzi LaMans, part one of five”. This back-up is exclusive to the Casey Jones & Raphael printing and was not carried over into the Bodycount version.
  • The cover for Bodycount #1 says the issue was released in February of 1996 while the indicia cites March of 1996.
  • The credits page for Casey Jones & Raphael #1 mistakenly attribute the pencils to Kevin Eastman and the inks to Bisley. The Bodycount #1 printing corrects this, attributing the pencils and inks to Bisley and the layouts to Eastman.