Bone Demon

Bone Demon was demon loyal to Tengu Shredder. He only appeared exclusively in the 2003 TV series Lost Episodes episode Fathers and Sons.

The Bone Demon was tasked by the Foot Mystics with the job of retrieving the Shredder's armor in order to revive the one true Shredder. He was made invisible thanks to an amulet created by the Foot Mystics so that he could follow Ancient One and sneak into Lap of the Gods unnoticed. Unfortunately the day he was tasked with this Master Splinter and the Ninja Turtles (back when they were children) came to visit the Ancient One in order to return Hamato Yoshi's ashes in his ancestral home. While visiting the Ancient One the Turtles were startled by the presence of the Bone Demon despite not being seen by neither Maser Splinter or The Ancient One. Everytime the Bone Demon was spotted by the turtles Master Splinter would excuse as the Turtle's imagination. Eventually when the turtles were about to leave with Splinter the Bone Demon proceeded to follow Ancient One to the Lap of the Gods, he was followed by Splinter and the Turtles. Bone Demon transforms into a larger monster and begins to thrash Splinter and Ancient One, the young Turtles threw several rocks at the demon, eventually causing the amulet to break. With the monster now visible, Splinter and Ancient one defeated him.


  • Bone Demon's dragon form bears the resemblance to the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon from Yu-gi-oh Anime.

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