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Brain Drain
Biographical information

Genius intellect

Weapon(s) of choice

Mechanical body




The Ratt Pak

Physical description

Mutant Guinea Pig brain



Out of universe information

Palladium Books

First appearance

Turtles Go Hollywood

Created by

Daniel Greenberg
Kevin Siembieda
Kevin Long

Teachers and Students

Brain Drain is a mutated guinea pig brain with exceptional intelligence. Her intelligence increased significantly upon mutation, and she serves as The Ratt Pak's resident tech-head. She designed the Subliminal Message Generators as well as the Pak's teleporters. Not one to be left helpless on the sidelines, her brain is housed in a mecha she built, equipped with many weapons to attack her enemies. Her brain section can detach from her robot body and fly away if necessary. Brain Drain, with the rest of the Ratt Pak, first appeared in Turtles Go Hollywood, a supplement of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness.

She's an introverted nerd, desperate to win the Ratt Pak's approval, Brain Drain is unquestionably loyal to Labb Ratt and considers the others to be her dearest friends. She fails to realize, however, that without her intelligence, the Pak is next to useless, and thus she already has their admiration.


  • Despite her profile indicating that she was a female guinea pig prior to mutation, she is constantly referred to with masculine pronouns in Turtles Go Hollywood.

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