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Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

In the Mirage Comics April's mother is first introduced in the context of a journey, as April and Renet travel back in time to explore the mystery of April's true origin.

More than thirty years ago, Bridget Ann O'Neil suffered a complication during the birth of her daughter Robyn, so that she could not have any more children. In his investigation of some things that he purchased, but had not yet sorted, her husband Robert discovered a strange crystal that he could use to make drawings come to life miraculously. Robert decided to satisfy his wife's desire for at least one more child; however, all of the babies he created dissolved into nothingness, because he had drawn them with a pencil. Sometime later Robert tried again with an ink pen; the result did not disappear this time and grew into a young woman, April.

Sometime after these events, Bridget died, but the circumstances and the time of her death are not detailed in the Mirage comics.