Channel 3 is a TV channel.


In the first three live-action films April was a reporter from Channel 3 instead of Channel 6.

Channel WTRL 3 Eyewitness News is first seen in the first live action movie. April, June and Charles Pennington are seen working at Channel 3 in the first movie and it was heard again in the second live action film where April, Freddy and Phil worked there. In the 1987s cartoon April worked at the Channel 6 news station. In the Archie Comics series April worked at Channel 6, WRTL, and Channel 7.


2003 TV Series

In the 2003 TV series episodes Secret Origins, Part 1, Dwight and Alex Carlin work at Channel 3 News. Dwight also appears in Mission of Gravity and Membership Drive. Channel 3 also appears in the episode Still Nobody.


2012 TV series

In the 2012 TV series episode Race with the Demon, Channel 3 is the one reporting on the Speed Demon activity, it's also where Crognard The Barbarian airs.