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Ninja Tribunal (2003 episode)

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Lenore Zann

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Mountain Mystics


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Ninja Tribunal Acolytes
Faraji Ngala
Adam McKay
Joi Reynard
Tora Yoshida


Chikara-Shisho is a member of the Ninja Tribunal and the ninjutsu master of strength. She is the only female in the Tribunal. When she's not using her outrageous strength in battle, her favorite weapon is the kanabo. She is prominently appeared during the fifth season of the 2003 animated series training the acolytes to fight against the Shredder.

Chikara also appears in the Fast Forward episode The Journal and once more in Back to the Sewer during the wedding of Casey Jones and April O'Neil.


As the ninjutsu master of strength, Chikara is naturally a rather violent woman. She is short tempered and shows hatred for weakness and sloppy work but congratulates strength and hard effort. She also shows caution and sometimes questions her colleagues decisions but is completely unaware that the Shredder's Heralds have disguised themselves as two other members of the Tribunal until it is too late. Chikara's immortality has also deteriorated her sense of compassion, a flaw shared by the other members of the Tribunal, with the possible exception of Hisomi. She callously disregards Homato Yoshi's death which was largely the Ninja Tribunals fault due to their refusal to ally with him. Her belief in the greater good results in a cold and almost cruel disregard for the lives around her.


Chikara has many powers due to her mystic arts training. She possesses great strength, and she has used energy blasts, flight and she has also performed telekinesis and demonstrated control over nature. Along with that she has achieved spiritual perfection so she can sense the presence of others and she also possesses telepathic abilities that can even create illusions. She is immortal and appears to never die and she has also displayed teleportation. On top she is presumably an excellent ninjutsu and martial artist master. She uses a Kanabo as a main weapon. As a last resort, she like all the other 3 members of the Tribunal can transform herself into her avatar, the dragon. She also possesses the omnipotent ability to warp reality at the benefit of the Tribunal.


  • She was the only member of the Ninja Tribunal to be shown not wearing any footwear as she has bandaged feet.
  • Chikara (チカラ) in Japanese translates into "power" in English.
  • Interestingly, Chikara's weapon is incorrectly called an "ono" in the Ninja Tribunal design art. The ono is a Japanese war axe. The more accurate term for Chikara's weapon is kanabo.


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