Tmnt christmas

The turtles and an Advent wreath.

is a Christian holiday, that is celebrated on 25 December within Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, and on 7 January within Orthodox Christianity. Celebrations are based around the Bible telling about the birth of Jesus in the town of Bethlehem.

Among the secular traditions are eating Christmas food, giving each other presents, singing and dancing together, decorating a Christmas tree and baking.

The Mirage Comics includes a stort called The Christmas Aliens[1], which was even adopted for the 2003 TMNT cartoon.[2]

Even What Goes Around... ...Comes Around!  in the Mirage Comics begins on a Christmas Eve.[3]

In the 1987 TMNT cartoon, Krang says that he wants MACC seeing the robot on TV, and Rocksteady says he may get one by Santa Claus for Christmas.


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