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Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.


The eleventh part of City at War.

Mirage Studios Volume 1 > Issue # 60
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Story: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
Script: Peter Laird & Jim Lawson
Pencils: Jim Lawson
Inks: Keith Aiken & Eric Talbot
Lettering: Mary Kelleher


Five Elite Guard face off against the TMNT, Karai and her Foot Soldiers. Seizing the opportunity to confuse and deceive, the disguised Karai screams at the Elite.

"Traitors! I trained you to be steel tigers... not mad dogs! You dishonor me... and you dishonor the Foot Clan. All of you -- commit seppuku! NOW!!!"

One of the Elite, Tomei, falls for the trick and commits ritual suicide, but the others are not so easily deceived and demand to see "Shredder's" face. Karai removes the helmet and throws it at the Guard.

"I will show you my face! Look well, fools... gaze upon the face of vengeance... and see your doom!!!"

The Elite are taken aback and the Turtles use their pause to launch an attack.

Casey arrives at his mother's apartment building with his baby.

"Oh Arnold," Casey's Mom admonishes, "What did you do... go and get some girl pregnant?"

"Not exactly..." Casey states, "Can I come in, Ma?"

"Sure! Moving back in, are you?" Mrs' Jones asks.

"Well... maybe for a little bit," admits Casey, "Until I get us our own place..."

"Don't be silly, Arnold. I got an empty three-room in the basement."

"Thanks, Ma..." Casey smiles.

"So...who do we have here? Oh what a cutie-pie!" Mrs. Jones beams.

"That's Shadow... my... um... daughter." announces Casey.

"Shadow? Jeez... let me guess... you named her, right?"

"Sure did!" exclaims Casey.

"Is she yours?" Casey's mom asks.

"Well... legally, yeah... but biologically, no."

"So," Mrs. Jones wonders, "Where's the mother?"

"Ma," Casey begins, "Don't call me Arnold."

The Turtles and the Elite are battling furiously. Foot Soldiers are armed with submachine guns and firing at will, but most of them are being killed by the Guard.

April is seated at a restaurant. She's circled an item on the Real Estate page.

The old man is peering out of the window of the hospital. He walks away from it, needing no assistance, and sits on the bed.

1257244- page 26


Leonardo takes out one of the Elite, but another has cornered Karai. Raph has his hands full with one of the Guard who's utilizing a chain, but the Turtle defeats his opponent. Karai leaps onto a lighting fixture to escape her foe, but it pulls out of the ceiling and sends her careening to floor - the Elite dives after her but is slain when Karai uses a lamp post to impale him. Outside on the roof, Donatello is searching for his quarry. The Elite sneaks up on the Turtle and kicks him to the floor, breaks his leg and then kicks the injured terrapin off of the roof!

Karai has her hands full as another Elite attacks her.

"You profane the image of our Master, the Shredder," the Elite Guard growls as he punches Karai in the face, knocking her to the ground where he's able to get the advantage on her, "And for that.. you must DIE!"


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