Classic rocker Leo
The Leader of Loud!

Accessories: Record Flyin’ Discs, Turtle-textured Guitar, Katana-caster Guitar
Longest Solo: 40 days – entitled “My Fingers Are Stuck – Really Guys, I’m Not Kidding!”
Favorite Song: “Ninjas Are Nice”

Come on, baby! It’s Leo, the Classic Rocker – and he’s got somethin’ to say. He’s a rebel with a riff who rocks around the clock. Too cool to be a fool, Leo’s loose as a goose and ready to juice. This retro-rocker’s got a groovy greased guitar to start any joint hoppin’. But look out! If any Foot dare crash Leo’s bash, he’s ready with his studded straps, buckled boots and killer katana-caster. So kick back and swing and sway to the mutant sounds that are comin’ your way! Classic Rocker Leo, the leader of loud, is here to stay!

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