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The Cyber Foot Ninja.

The Cyber Foot Ninja were a group of Foot Ninja loyal to Cyber Shredder and Master Khan. They appeared throughout Back to the Sewer and Mayhem From Mutant Island. They first appeared during the "Shredder Wars" that were seen briefly in Tempus Fugit. A red variant of these Foot Ninja can be seen in Mayhem From Mutant Island.

The Cyber Foot Ninjas would also be briefly seen as part of the Utrom Shredder's army during Turtles Forever. Few of them were mutated into anthropomorphic beings, including Rahzar and Tokka. A modified version of the robotic 88 Foot Soldiers were also part of Ch'rell's army.

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The name "Cyber Foot Ninja" is never used in the series or on any officially released supplemental material (including entries on the 4Kids blog). The ninja are referred to as "Future" Foot Ninja in Arcade Attack. The name of "Cyber Foot" actually comes the descriptor on Stephen Murphy's blog of Michael Dooney's action figure design of the character (which never even was released) 1. The name "Cyber Foot" is also used on the labeling for the figure's prototype seen in an issue of ToyFare magazine, indicating that this may have been the name that Playmates Toys may have intended to give the figure.

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