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Dark Michelangelo
Biographical information



Mike-o numbbutt, Dark Mikey

Date of birth

October 3, 2105

Date of death

still alive

Weapon(s) of choice

Double-bladed clubs, triple-headed whip-mace


Dark Turtles

Physical description

Clone Mutant Turtle




6' 4"


330 lbs.

Hair color


Eye color

Orange, Yellow

Out of universe information

Fast Forward

Voiced by

Wayne Grayson

Teachers and Students
Dark Michelangelo is the evil clone of Michelangelo created by Sh'Okanabo at the same time as the other Dark Turtles in Fast Forward.


Unlike his brothers, Dark Mikey's skin color isn't the color of his counterpart's bandana, it is instead yellow, with his eyes being orange with black pupils instead of being pupil-less.

He can also be identified by his two foot long tongue which he can also use to grasp things when he wants or requires to. He also has a very crazy character, often laughing manically and dancing around. His personality is based vastly off of Mikey's, in a deranged sort of way, as he basically acts hyperactive much like Michelangelo is most of the time.

He is also just as gullible as Mikey is, falling for obvious tricks and seeming oblivious to the fact that he does so. (e.g. in "Bad Blood")

In DNA is Thicker than Water, it's revealed that he hides food secretly by moving blocks in the floor. His clone brothers apparently don't realize either, but when finding him with food, all of them start to fight for it.


  • Unlike Michelangelo who likes the Justice League comic book series, Dark Michelangelo seems to dislike it, as he has stated that "That book sucked eggs.".


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