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Super Turtles Dai Pinchi! Saint Tojo!

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Rei Sakuma

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Dark Mu is a character appearing in the OVA Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen. She is the primary antagonist of the first episode.


Dark Mu is a small, fairy-like creature who is capable of easily destroying worlds. Dark Mu is Kris Mu's sister.

Dark Mu is awakened by Krang, and upon release, powers up Shredder into the massive Dark Devil Shredder.

After Dark Devil Shredder is defeated by Donatello and April O'Neil, Dark Mu retreats to outer space in order to destroy the Earth. The Turtles fuse together to become Turtle Saint, and use their special move Mega Final Saint Break to seal her with the help of Kris Mu's sacrifice.

Dark Mu is so powerful, that her very presence alone is enough to destroy stars, which would eventually lead to the destruction of an entire Galaxy.  


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