Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1991 Season
List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes


  1. "Planet of the Turtleoids, Part 1"
  2. "Planet of the Turtleoids, Part 2"
  3. "Donatello's Badd Time"
  4. "Donatello's Duplicate"
  5. "My Brother, the Bad Guy"
  6. "Enter: Mutagen Man"
  7. "Napoleon Bonafrog: Colossus of the Swamps"
  8. "Michelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko"
  9. "Michelangelo Meets Bugman Again"
  10. "Leonardo Cuts Loose"
  11. "Muckman Messes Up"
  12. "The Ice Creature Cometh"
  13. "Zach and the Alien Invaders"
  14. "Raphael Versus the Volcano"
  15. "Raphael, Turtle of a Thousand Faces"
  16. "Pirate Radio"
  17. "Landlord of the Flies"
  18. "Leonardo, the Renaissance Turtle"
  19. "Welcome Back, Polarisoids"
  20. "Michelangelo, the Sacred Turtle"

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Donatello decides to create a clone of himself so that he can spend more time on his inventions while his clone spends more time fixing things around the Lair. Donny tests his latest invention on a sewer rat and accidentally gets his hand in the way, causing the rat clone to talk just like Donatello.

The talking rat is discovered by The Rat King and is convinced by a local hood, Pinky McFingers, that they could take over the world with Donatello's invention.

Meanwhile, Donatello turns his cloning machine on himself and, thanks to an algebraic miscalculation, creates a clone that is 10 times smarter than he is. The clone refuses to do the work that Donatello specifically created it for. Donatello decides to put him in his place until he discovers that his clone is also 10 times more adept in ninja skills. The clone defeats Donatello, ties him up, gags him, and locks him in a closet. The clone proves to be a problem for the other turtles as he insults them and refuses to fix anything they ask of him. Leonardo decides to put him in his place but the clone quickly dispatches the turtles. He then goes into the sewer for some fresh air only to find himself abducted by Pinky McFingers. With McFinger's new found power and intelligence from Donatello's clone he decides that he does not need The Rat King anymore.

Meanwhile at the hideout the clone convinces McFingers that he is not Donatello and builds a cloning device that replicates thousands of rats, causing the city to be infested with them. While the city is in a panic, McFingers and his crew loot the shops. April and Vernon witness this and April contacts the turtles to tell them what she saw.

Meanwhile, back at the lair, the turtles try to fix things, at the lair only to find they need Donatello more than they think. They then receive April's message and that Donatello's behind it!? The turtles don't believe that, and decide to find him. They find Donatello locked up in the closet and Leo unties and ungags him. Now free, the purple-cad turtles tells them of his clone and how he turned on him. As they begin their search, the TMNT encounter the Rat King who is more than happy to help them find the vlone to get revenge on Pinky Mcfingers for double crossing him. The Rat King gives our heroes Pinky McFingers' address.

At McFinger's Mansion, Donatello's clone creates clones of Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. Donatello takes advantage of his clone's big ego, and tricks him into reversing the cloning process. When he does, all clones, including himself and the rats disappear solving the city's rat problem. It also puts a wrench in Pinky Mcfinger's plan to loot the city.

Back at the lair, Donatello's happily fixing things. Splinter comments that he learned a valuable lesson in which Donatello agrees. Then Raphael comes in dressed as Donatello to make him think another clone was made, and when Donatello realizes it's a joke, he angrily chases Raphael.

Cast of characters




  • Turtlecoms
  • Cloning Device.

Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 5
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • The top of the back of Raphael's Turtlecom is grey when he answers April's call.
  • Before Michelangelo asks if Donatello is the Rat King, he is seen with a pair of nunchucks on his belt.
  • At the end of the episode, Raphael posing as Donatello has Donatello's belt & bandanas. But in the next shot, Raphael is seen with Donatello's mask, but no sign of Donatello's belt or bandanas.


  • Clone Donatello's "I'm melting!" line is a reference to the Wicked Witch of the West's last words in The Wizard of Oz.


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