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Nekkid B&R 1

Bebop and Rocksteady with wildlife on an Eden planet.

Eden Worlds are a group of planets within Dimension X. They appear in the TMNT Adventures Comics.


Archie Comics

The Eden Worlds are planets that were reminiscent of the wilderness of East Africa where most "intelligent" species were forbidden to live on those planets. Cherubae sent Bebop and Rocksteady to an Eden World at the end of the Turnstone storyline, so they could not do more "bad things".[1] Rocksteady and Bebop later jump inside an arrival spacecraft hitched a ride with Krang and Bellybomb where they temporarily return to Earth in order to emigrate the local zoo animals to their Eden World. Rocksteady and Bebop succeeded in their mission and dropped off Krang and Bellybomb on Morbus before returning to their Eden World with the zoo animals.