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USA, Earth

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1987 series

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Michaelangelo Meets Bugman

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Pat Fraley

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Electrozapper is a character who appears in the episode Michaelangelo Meets Bugman of the 1987 TMNT cartoon. He is a villain, and an enemy of Bugman.[1]


Electrozapper previously fought Bugman in his hideout at the Power Plant until he used Leestanite. Michelangelo read about this after learning about Bugman's origin and planned to fight Electrozapper.

Bugman takes Michelangelo to a power plant where Electrozapper is hiding out. When they arrive, they find April walking around investigating the plant. They locate one of Electrozapper's antennas and destroy it. Electrozapper comes out to see what happened to his antenna and is greeted by Bugman and Michelangelo. After a long battle, Bugman and Michelangelo get captured by Electrozapper. Electrozapper brings them to his hideout and hooks them up to one of his machines. Electrozapper plans on draining our heroes energy and transferring it to himself.

Michelangelo manages to get free and also frees Bugman. The other Turtles arrive at the hideout in time to help Michelangelo and Bugman defeat Electrozapper. Electrozapper gets arrested and Bugman flies off into the sunset.


  • Electrozapper is a parody of Electro from Marvel Comics.