This is a transcript for Fallen Angel, the eighth episode of season 1 of TMNT (2003 series). (Note: In the voice-over intro, bold words in brackets indicate words that are said in the shot.)

Casey Jones [Fade up to close-up of Casey, who has marks all over his body and is being held upside-down above a big fighting cage] I guess you could say I'm having a bad hair day, and a bad head day, and a bad neck day, and a bad shoulder day, and a bad pretty much everything right down to my pinky toe day. [Cut to below Casey, showing Hun walk into the cage. He grabs a mic and pumps his fist at the surrounding crowd of thugs. Casey is lowered down to where Hun is] That walking landmass down there, I have him to thank for my current full body makeover. [Hun: Tonight's cage match championship will determine which team will win the honor of ridding the Purple Dragons of our most hated enemy.] [Cut to confused thugs] [Thug 1: Huh? I don't get it. Who's that guy?] [Cut to Hun, who puts Casey's mask on his face] [Thug 2: It's the vigilante!] But somehow, I get the feeling it's about to get a whole lot worse.
The episode opens at nighttime in New York. Dragon Face and a few other Purple Dragons walk out of an alley and use crowbars to pry open the shutter in front of a store. Dragon Face walks up to a teenage girl with purple pigtails and a sleeveless hoody.
Dragon Face [To the girl] Clutch time, Angel. [Picks up a brick off the ground] Think you got the juice to be a Purple Dragon? [Hands her the brick]
Angel Oh yeah. I got the juice. [Throws the brick at the store window, breaking it]
The Purple Dragons loot the store, while Angel watches. Dragon Face grabs a cash register and slams it on the ground. He starts grabbing the cash out of it and putting it in a bag. All the Purple Dragons run out of the store.
Dragon Face [To Angel] Nice work, kid. One more test, and you're in. [Gives her the bag of money]
Dragon Face walks out the back of the store and looks around. He signals for the rest of the Dragons to come out. He hears someone and turns around to see Michelangelo's foot hit him in the face. They see him, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Casey with their weapons ready.
Michelangelo See, guys? You never know what kind of fun you're gonna find on the old nightly training run.
Leonardo Now class, [Points at Dragon Face] who can tell me what he did wrong?
Raphael You mean besides being a badly dressed, law breaking, good for nothing, lowlife, street punk?
Dragon Face [Gets up] Bust 'em up, Dragons! [Everyone but Angel charges while Dragon Face hides in the store]
Casey Wahoo! [Knocks back a thug with his hockey stick]
Leonardo When are these Dragon goons gonna learn? [Kicks down another thug]
Michelangelo Green beats purple every time. [Knocks back another thug, hitting him right by Angel]
Raphael [Knocks down two more thugs] They'll all be black and blue by the time I'm finished with them.
Angel tries to run around a corner.
Donatello [Noticing Angel] We've got a runner!
Raphael Don't worry, it's covered! [Fights off more thugs]
Angel, still holding the bag of money runs around a corner and bumps right into Casey, who's wearing his mask. She falls back while he remains standing.
Casey [Points his hockey stick at her] Going somewhere? [She looks up at him; he becomes shocked] Angel?
Angel gets up and runs. A thug comes out of an alley and tries to hit Casey, but he pushes the thug into the wall and chases after Angel. She tries to climb up a fence, but Casey grabs her foot. She drops the money bag and starts kicking at him.
Angel Let go of me, creep!
Casey Angel, wait! [Grabs her foot and takes off his mask] It's me! Casey!
Angel [Surprised] Casey? [Drops down from the fence] What are you doing here?
Casey Stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life.
Angel What? The Purple Dragons? [Gives a slight chuckle] No, they're my posse. My family.
Casey But you got real family at home.
Angel Yeah, well who asked you, loser? If I wanna be a Purple Dragon, it's my own business!
Casey [Takes out his hockey stick] Until you start breaking the law. [Points the stick at the money bag on the ground] Then it's my business.
Angel [Picks up the bag] Yeah, well I don't see no badge on you!
Casey And I don't see no dragon on you. [Puts his hockey stick away] Not yet. So why don't you quit while you still got a chance?
Angel I ain't quitting nothing! Tonight was my first test. Tomorrow I pass my initiation. And then I'm gonna wear my dragon with pride. [Puts her hand on her chest then walks away]
Casey [Following her] That dragon comes with a price. You don't know what you're getting yourself mixed up in.
Angel [Sarcastically] Yeah, maybe you're right! [Knocks Casey down with the bag and runs towards the fence] But I can still take care of myself! [Climbs over the fence and runs away]
Raphael [Runs up to Casey with the other turtles] Casey, what happened? Who was that girl?
Casey [Gets up] Her name's Angel. I know her from the neighborhood. I promised her grandma I'd keep an eye on her. Keep her outta trouble.
Leonardo So she's a Purple Dragon?
Casey [Determined] Not if I can help it.
The scene changes to outside a building, which is actually an underground fighting arena. Casey, in a trenchcoat, follows two Purple Dragon thugs. He watches as the two thugs and the bouncer give each other the signal: show three fingers. Casey walks up to the bouncer and does the same thing. He's let into the building. He sees an initiate get knocked out of the ring by a thug holding a pipe. The crowd cheers.
Announcer Is the initiate worthy of the Dragon? [The crowd boos. Casey shakes his head with disgust] Let's bring on the next initiate! Give it up for Angel! [Casey looks horrified as Angel jumps into the ring] Does she have what it takes to call herself a Purple Dragon? [The crowd boos, but cheers when two opponents enter the ring]
Casey Aw jeez. [Angel first holds her own against the two, but Casey sees one of them grab a pipe and walk up to her from behind] That's it! [Puts on his mask and pulls out a baseball bat] Angel, behind you! [Jumps into the ring and hits the thug behind Angel with the bat]
Angel [Knocks the guy in front of her down] What are you doing here!?
Casey Your new "posse" was just about to cave your head in! [The crowd starts to enter the ring] Come on, I'm getting you outta here! [Hun punches Casey down and laughs]
Hun [Picks Casey up by the head] Hello, Jones. Long time know see. [Laughs again] Think I don't know that's you under that mask, Jones? I've got eyes and ears all over this town. Word is you've been disrespecting the Dragon! [Throws Casey to the ground]
Casey quickly gets back up and tries to hit Hun with the bat, but Hun knocks him down and breaks the bat in half. As the crowd cheers, Angel becomes scared and runs away. Hun picks Casey up and slams him down.
Hun Lock up this piece of garbage. We'll play some more with him later.
Meanwhile at the turtles' lair, Don is working on the Battle Shell. Mikey joins him.
Michelangelo Whatcha doing, Donnie?
Donatello Working up a remote control system for the Battle Shell.
Michelangelo [Grabs a part of the Battle Shell] Sweet. [Don slaps his hand away] Ow.
Donatello Don't touch. These are highly sophisticated sensors. When they receive a remote signal, they'll safely guide the Shell to the signal's point of origin.
Michelangelo [Picks up a remote] And this is the remote do-hickey?
Donatello That's it, but it's not finished yet, [Closes the hood of the Battle Shell] so please don't- [Suddenly the engine starts]
Michelangelo Uh, you were gonna tell me not to press this, right?
The Battle Shell drives around the lair, interrupting Raph training and Leo and Splinter sitting and reading. It circles around towards Don and Mikey. Don gathers his stuff while Mikey stares at the Battle Shell, shaking at the knees.
Donatello Shake a leg, Shell-for-Brains! [They dodge the Battle Shell, while Splinter walks up to them]
Splinter Donatello. Your Battle Shell is a marvel of engineering. A true testament to your incredible mechanical skills. [Crosses his arms] And I never want to see it in our home again.
Michelangelo Oops. [Don smacks him] Ow!
Back at the fight club, Casey is in a cage with his hands bound and chained to a wall and his legs shackled together. He's trying to break out of the wall chains, but to no avail.
Casey Listen up, hairballs! It's gonna take a lot more than chains to bring down Casey Jones, you hear me!? I won't rest until every one of you Dragon Clowns is behind bars, or pushing up daisies!
Hun [Walks into the room and laughs] Big words, vigilante. I ever tell you how much fun I had burning down your father's store when you were a kid?
Casey At least I had a father, punk.
Hun [Grabs Casey through the cage] Laugh now, sucka, 'cause tonight the Dragons are having a little smackdown contest. [Drops him] And you're the prize. Whoever wins gets to wax your sorry butt once and for all. [Walks out]
Casey sits up. Suddenly he hears a noise and someone's foot pushes down a tile from the ceiling near the cage. Angel drops down from the hole.
Casey [Surprised] Angel?
Angel I-I heard whole thing, Casey. [Pulls out a lockpick] I'm so sorry I got you into this mess. I'm gonna get you out. I swear. [Tries to pick the cage door's lock] Ugh. I can't do it. [Thows the pick aside in frustration and starts to cry] This is all my fault.
Casey It's alright, Angel. Don't worry.
Angel Casey, what are we gonna do?
Casey Listen to me. I have some friends who can help. Real good friends. Go to the abandoned warehouse at the corner of Eastman and Laird. Ask for Raphael. Hurry. [Angel runs off]
Angel arrives at the warehouse above the turtles' lair. She stops to catch her breath and looks into a boarded off window.
Angel Raphael! Raphael! [No response; she looks around, confused] This is Eastman and Laird, right? [Suddenly the garage door opens and the bright lights of the Battle Shell turn on; the four turtles appear in front of the Battle Shell; Angel becomes stunned] Whoa.
Raphael [Walks up to Angel and crosses his arms] Alright, kid. This had better be good.
The scene changes to the Battle Shell, riding through the streets. Angel is inside.
Angel [Amused] Okay, I know Casey hung out with some weird dudes, but you guys are off the charts.
Raphael No way am I going out like this! [He's seen wearing shades, a white hat, a light brown hoody, a black and red jacket, and a pair of white pants] Tell me people don't really dress this way.
Michelangelo It's a good look for you, Raph. Kind of a hip hop, cat burglar, stormtrooper thing. [Gives a slight chuckle]
Angel Don't laugh, green-boy. You're next. [Hands Mikey a set of clothes, to his annoyance]
They arrive outside the club, Angel looks back at them.
Angel Just be cool, and follow my lead.
Angel walks through and gives the signal. The turtles show their three fingers and stroll through, each wearing a different outfit. Raph is wearing his outfit. Mikey is wearing shades, a blue and orange hat, a white hoody, an orange jacket, and a pair of blue pants. Don is wearing shades and an all white hat, shirt, hoody, and pants. Leo is wearing shades, a dark blue hat, a red shirt, a dark blue trenchcoat, and a pair of blue jeans.
Michelangelo Good thing it's only a three fingered salute. [They walk into the club] Yeesh, it's we walked into an ugly convention.
Raphael Hey, then you must feel right at home, Mikey.
Donatello Knock it off, you guys. I'm trying to blend here. [Looks around and stands straight with his arms crossed; The others do the same]
Raphael You really wanna look like a Purple Dragon? Try getting your butt kicked by a Ninja Turtle.
Michelangelo I'm down with that. [Laughs as they fist bump]
Leonardo Okay, guys, take note. We got exits there [Points to his left] and there. [Points to his right behind him] Guards posted around the perimeter. Everyone's pretty heavily armed. So can we try to avoid a fight? [Raph, Mikey, and Don look at each other] Yeah. Right. What was I thinking?
Suddenly, a cage is lowered in the middle of the ring. Hun is inside. He holds up a microphone.
Hun [Casey is lowered into the cages] Tonight's cage match championship will determine which team will win the honor of ridding the Purple Dragons of our most hated enemy.
Raphael [Pulls his twin sai out of his hoody pocket in anger] Lousy thugs. I've got your most hated enemy right here.
Leonardo Easy, Raph. Let's not blow our cover just yet.
Hun puts Casey's mask on him and walks out.
Announcer So, who's ready to battle it out for a shot at the vigilante!? [A few thugs enter the cage] Come on, come on, come on! There's gotta be more takers than that! The honor of the Dragon is at stake here! [Casey is lowered back up to the ceiling]
Donatello How are we gonna get him down from there?
Angel I know how to get to the catwalk.
Leonardo [To Mikey and Don] Go with her. Nothing fancy. Just stick to the shadows, and cut 'em loose.
Michelangelo And what are you two gonna do?
Leonardo [Looks at the spotlight circling the club] We'll make sure that spotlight stays in the cage. Now go. [He and Raph go towards the cage while Angel, Mikey and Don head in the opposite direction]
Announcer Last chance to rage in the cage! Any takers? Any takers at all? [Raph and Leo enter the ring]
Raphael Is this gonna work?
Leonardo You know a better way to buy some time? Besides, you need the practice.
Raphael Moi?
Announcer [Raph and Leo enter the cage] Two new initiates have entered the competition! [All the thugs look at them] Let's show 'em how Purple Dragons treat newbies!
Meanwhile, Don, Mikey, and Angel have made it to the catwalk. Near Casey is two guards.
Donatello We just gotta take out those two goons without drawing too much attention.
Michelangelo Any bright ideas?
Donatello Yeah. [Points at a spotlight] A real bright idea.
Back at the fight, one of the thugs gets knocked down. Raph jumps up and grabs onto the cage wall. Another thug comes after him, but he just flips himself up, causing the thug to run face-first into the wall. He jumps off and knocks down another thug, while Leo does the same to another. Raph sees a thug behind him and dodges two of his punches before unleashing a barrage of punches on the thug and knocking him out. Leo, while dodging and blocking another thug's attacks, goes back-to-back with Raph.
Leonardo Okay, Raph! Maybe you're a little unclear on the whole concept of "buying time." We still gotta leave a few of them standing!

[Knocks down the thug]

Raphael Oh, sorry.
Back at the catwalk, The thugs near Casey are watching the fight. Angel is next to them.
Angel Psst. Hey guys [The thugs look at her as she turns the spotlight towards them] Lights on.
She turns on the spotlight, blinding the thugs. Don and Mikey each leap over and knock down a thug apiece. One of them is dangling on the railing, about to fall over the edge.
Angel Lights out. [Pulls the thug back towards them and he passes out]
Casey Angel, thanks for dropping by. And you brought company.
Donatello Hey, what are friends for? [Pulls a lever, pulling Casey closer]
Don then releases Casey from his bindings. Mikey takes off his mask. Casey holds his head and groans in pain.
Michelangelo Here, I brung you a present. [Pulls out a baseball bat, and Casey smiles and sheds a tear of joy]
Meanwhile, back at the fight, which Hun and Dragon Face are both watching, Leo is being chased by a thug. He slides under another thug, causing the two to knock into each other. Leo gets back up and adjusts his outfit.
Leonardo Geez, we can barely move in this stuff. What is the deal with humans and clothes?
Raphael [Dodges a thug's attacks, and kicks him down] You ever seen a human in his skivvies? Trust me, it ain't a pretty sight.
Suddenly, Raph is grabbed by another thug. The thug swings him back and forth until he's sent flying and out of his outfit, left with only his shades. The entire crowd starts to mumble amongst themselves with confusion.
Dragon Face [Stands up] Hey! It's one of them kung fu lizards!
Hun [Angrily] Oh no.
Raphael [Takes off the shades] Turtles! Tur-tles! Don't any of you lamebrains know a turtle when you see one? [The crowd starts an uproar]
Leonardo Uh, Raph? I think the biology lesson's the least of our problems right now. [Hun breaks the door off its hinges and walks into the cage]
Hun [To Raph] You! [Punches at him]
Raphael [Blocking Hun's punch] What's the matter, Lard-Butt? Still mad I walked outta your little Q & A?
Hun [Grabs Raph and pins him against the cage wall] In case you haven't figured it out, reptile, that time I let you escape! [Leo takes off his outfit]
Leonardo Hate to break up the tearful reunion...
Leo jumps atop Hun and slaps him in his ears, stunning him and causing him to free Raph.
Dragon Face [In the audience] Dragons, get 'em!
A bunch of thugs charge at the ring, but Mikey and Don jump down from the scaffolding to stop them.
Michelangelo Sorry, dudes. Bad Appreciation Day is next week.
They all charge into battle. Don knocks down a female thug, and Mikey knocks down Dragon Face. Back in the cage, Raph keeps trying to hit Hun, but his blows have little to no effect.
Raphael [While trying to strike Hun down] Do me a favor, be a cooperative little mountain and just [Hun knocks him back] goooooo [Raph hits a cage wall; Wearily] down.
Hun approaches a downed Raph. Leo, from behind Hun, notices a loose piece of the cage and slices it off, causing it to knock Hun down. Hun quickly gets back up and throws the piece at Leo and Raph, knocking them down.
Donatello Looks like our bros could use a hand.
Don and Mikey jump in and knock Hun into a cage wall.
Michelangelo [Hun starts to get up] Don't look now, but Tiny still wants to dance.
Hun breaks off the cage wall, causing the entire cage to come down on the turtles. While they try to get up, Hun throws debris out of the way and walks towards them. He grabs Leo's swords and prepares to strike him down, but Casey, with Angel next to him, taps Hun on the shoulder and knocks him into the stands. Raph gives Casey a thumbs-up. Leo and Don look as more thugs approach them.
Leonardo Take us outta here, Donnie.
Donatello I have just what the doctor ordered. [Takes out the remote for the Battle Shell and presses a button on it]
Michelangelo Oh taxi!
The Battle Shell rips into the arena, scattering thugs.
Raphael About time that thing busted up somebody else's place for a change.
Casey [Walking up to a downed Hun] This one's for my dad. [Prepares to hit Hun with his bat, but Angel stops him] Angel, what are you doing?
Angel Stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life.
Casey [Smiles] Thanks.
Angel Hey, what are friends for?
They all get into the Battle Shell and drive off. Later, Casey and Angel walk to a building, while the turtles watch from an alley. Casey knocks on the door and an old woman opens and becomes shocked at the sight of Angel.
Woman Angel?
Angel [To the woman] Grandma! [Hugs her grandma]
Casey Told you I'd keep an eye on her.
Grandma [Hugs Casey] Thank you, Casey. Thank you for bringing back my Angel. [Starts pulling Casey into her home] Now, I've got a pie and I insist you come in and join us. [Casey goes in, but looks back and gives a quick thumbs-up to the turtles]
Michelangelo Pie? Yo, Case. Hows about introducing Grandma to your friends?
Raphael [They all head to the Battle Shell] Forget it, Mikey. We're ninjas. We stick to the shadows
Leonardo The unsung heroes of the urban jungle.
Donatello The silent protectors of the Way of Bushido. [Starts the Battle Shell and drives off]
Michelangelo So, what kind of pie you think it was? [Someone slaps him] Ow! What?
Fade to credits.