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Cyborg Mutant Fly



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IDW Publishing

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series issue 2

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Erik Burnham
Andy Kuhn

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The Flyborg is a cyborg mutant fly created by Baxter Stockman. He introduces it to Krang as his "side-project", a devoted laborer whose efficiency far exceeds that of Krang's current workers. Baxter tells he plans to mass-produce the Flyborg to help construction on the Technodrome.

Taking the Flyborg for a "test drive", it suddenly shows clarity and sentience before a host of Krang's Rock Soldiers, protesting its status as an expendable slave and attacks the Rock Soldiers, defeating them. Baxter calls Krang for backup as the Flyborg chases him, as he is unable to exact the override protocols. Baxter takes shelter in the control room, and the Flyborg follows suit, crawling through a ventilation duct. It is then revealed that the Flyborg's rampage was all according to plan, and Stockman places the real override protocols in place. Baxter then downloads all of Krang's schematics from the control room computers.

After he has stolen all of the information he's needed, Krang's backup Rock Soldiers arrive and kill the Flyborg, despite it begging to be spared. However, Baxter has many more Flyborgs in the process of creation.


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