TMNT Foot Mystics

The Foot Mystics as seen in the 2003 series.

The Foot Mystics, also known as Heralds of the Shredder or Mystic Ninjas, are five elemental entities who each controls a classic element: Metal, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. They all have the ability to regenerate body parts or shape their own bodies. Their bodies themselves are made of the element they command. The Earth, Fire, and Metal Mystics are voiced by Sean Schemmel while the Wind and Water Mystics by Brian Maillard in the 2003 TV series.


2003–2009 series



Water, Fire, and Earth Mystics

It is seen in the series that the Mystics are powerful enough to even outmatch the Ninja Tribunal. They are called "Heralds of the Shredder" because they were loyal servants of the true Demon Shredder. They were first seen in the series as guards of the Utrom Shredder because they were being controlled by the Heart of Tengu. This artifact is demonic and holds the commands of the Mystics. The Utrom Shredder somehow knew this and took advantage of it. In Return to New York, Part 2, the Mystics awaken when the TMNT and Splinter attempt to infiltrate the Utrom Shredder's tower. The Mystics outmatched the TMNT, until Splinter used the Sword of Tengu against their foes, using the elements the Mystics were composed of against each other.

Foot Mystics

The Foot Mystics

In Bad Day, it is revealed that the Foot Mystics have black magic powers, when they launch an attack against the Ninja Turtles on an astral plane. It is also said the Utrom Shredder had more respect for their power than Karai, but she cold heartedly tells them that she does not respect them and as long as she had the Heart of Tengu, their powers were hers to command.

As a result of their mistreatment at the hands of Karai, they became more determined to liberate themselves from her, and after tricking Bishop and the ninja turtles by proxy, into stealing the artifact, while the Mystics themselves allowed them to pass into the new Foot Tower. The Mystics broke free of Kara's grip when Baxter Stockman destroyed the artifact and they began to attempt and resurrect the true Demon Shredder. When freed the Mystics were able to revert to their true forms and were shown to be far more powerful then previously shown.

The Lost Episodes

The foot mystics are the main antagonists of the first part of the season, trying to resurrect the demon Shredder by having monsters guard the parts of his dead body. After all 3 artifacts are recovered by the acolytes and the Ninja Tribunal, the Mystics take matters into their own hands. They kill the Ninja Tribunal, as well as the 4 other acolytes that the turtles had befriended, and stole the three artifacts. They retreated to New York, but were followed by the turtles, Splinter, and the Ancient One. Despite their fanatical devotion to the Demon Shredder, they were still abused by him for so much as saying anything he felt was out of line. Especially when they plead for their master to kill Karai for "stealing" his mantle, which doesn't concern him the least, much to their displeasure. It was later revealed in the episode Fathers & Sons that they were disgusted at serving Ch'rell and hatched a plot to resurrect their master by using an invisible bone demon to gather the helmet, gauntlet and body from the "Ninja Tribunal", but it was defeated by Master Splinter and the Ancient One. It was also revealed that the Mystics at some point in time sent out there demon servants to steal the gauntlet and helmet from the Tribunal and when they arrived in Japan they found their servants defeated by the new acolytes of the "Ninja Tribunal", who were in fact the Ninja Turtles and 4 other brave warriors chosen by theTtribunal. After a massive attack on the Lap of the Gods, the Mystics succeeded in recovering the Demon Shredder's helmet, gauntlet and body and eventually revived the true Shredder. They are all killed in "Enter the Dragons, Part 1" by the Turtles, the other 4 Acolytes, and Karai.

Fast Forward

In the Fast Forward episode The Journal , the Metal Mystic in his original form appeared before Raphael and Casey Jones following their fight with the Purple Dragons and teleported them to a deserted island for three years. This was found in one of the pages of Casey and April O'Neil's journal that the Turtles were reading despite Splinter and Cody's warnings not to read it. However, this particular event was a complete fabrication by Master Splinter and Cody in order to teach the Turtles a lesson, though this was only because the former got tired by the end. Splinter even found the part with the Foot Mystic to be humorous.


It is implied that whilst under the control of the Utrom Shredder and Karai, the Foot Mystic's powers were weaker than when they were in their true forms. Nonetheless, they were still impossible to defeat through physical skill alone, requiring the powers of the Sword of Tengu, or skilled meditation, in order to be beaten.

The Foot Mystics' combined powers also let them create extremely realistic illusions in the minds of their enemies, although Master Splinter managed to see through them. Other magic also lets them fly, project multi-colored lightning bolts, change and disguise their appearance, locate others and observe events from afar, perform untraceable communication on electronic frequencies, shield others from harm even from a distance, and teleport over long distances.

In their true forms, their powers increased to such a degree that they are able to summon and command demonic creatures, open portals, and outmatch the mighty Ninja Tribunal in combat. It is interesting to note that despite their power, the Tengu Shredder considered them to be among his weaker minions.

Individually, the Mystics have powers and abilities which are related to whichever element they represent:

  • The Metal Mystic, who controls metal can form blades that can stab or tear enemies asunder. He can also create liquid metal and metallic dust.
  • The Earth Mystic is larger and more muscular. He can create dust, sand, dirt and mud that blinds or overwhelms enemies, hurl large boulders, form fissures, and tunnel underground.
  • The Fire Mystic is the leader. He can create large flames and fireballs that packs a burning touch and explosive power.
  • The Water Mystic can make waves of water and giant bubbles that submerges someone and drown them. He is also capable of creating walls of ice as well as freezing.
  • The Wind Mystic is the most agile and flexible. He can conjure powerful wind currents such as tornadoes and can dodge many attacks and is shown to move faster than other beings. Although all of the Mystic Ninjas can fly, the Wind Ninja is the fastest while in the air.

The Foot Mystics are gifted with exceptionally long lifespans but do not seem to be truly immortal as it is implied that their defeat in Enter the Dragons resulted in their permanent destruction.


The Foot Fire Mystic toy was released in 2004.

Video game appearances

The Foot Mystics are bosses in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game. The Foot Mystics also appear in the DS version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Shredder Reborn.

Two identical Foot Mystics serve as the third boss in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Battle for the City. They are unidentifiable, as they wear gear similar to the Metal Mystic but shoot fire from their weapons, and have arms and legs that look like they are decaying.

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