The Foot Clan has had lots of vehicles which they have used to be transported to many destinations. Many of these vehicles are private vehicles for Oroku Saki and his business empire. Others were wacky designs for toys incorporated into the 1987 cartoon for promotional purposes like the Shreddermobile, and Pogocopter.


Flying vehicles piloted by Foot Ninjas in the 2003 video game. They attack with twin machine guns, and occasionally float overhead and fire a three-way laser.

Foot Transport

A vehicle used in the 2003 TV series.

Transport modules

The transport modules are the vehicles used by Krang, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to move from the Technodrome to New York when the Technodrome is located on the Earth. Although they are best known in their underground drill form, their physical make-up actually changed as the Technodrome moved. They were used in the 1987 TV series.

Season 1 (1987)
With the Technodrome located under New York City during season 1, there is no need for independent transport modules. In the episode A Thing About Rats, the Shredder uses a kind of transport elevator which extends, but remains connected to, the Technodrome. This type is also used in the arcade game and the Archie Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics.
Season 3 (1989)
With the Technodrome located in the Earths core during most of season 3, the first of the more famous type of transport modules are used. It looks similar to a space shuttle without wings and with a drill in the front. Even Bebop and Rocksteady are able to pilot these transport modules.
Season 5 (1991)
With the Technodrome located in the North Pole during most of season 5, the transport modules from season 3 are used once again, this time to drill under the North American continent and towards New York City.
Season 6 & 7 (1992–1993)
With the Technodrome located under the Arctic Ocean during season 6 and season 7, underwater types of transport modules are used.


The Knucklehead is a spider-like robot built by Baxter Stockman. It first appeared in the 1987 series episode Enter The Fly as Shredder used it against the Turtles, but the Turtles quickly defeated it. It would later appear in Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero where it is used by Krang. It also appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics in issue 9 where it was used by a Foot Soldier.


Used by the foot in the arcade game.


Used by the foot in the first arcade game.


Car used by the foot in the first arcade game.


Used by the foot in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.


Used by the foot in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.

Mother Mouser

A giant Mouser rode by a Foot Soldier in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project.

Foot Jet

The Foot has at least one private jet which Karai used to travel in to return to New York City. This jet was a black private jet and was very luxurious. The Foot also has jets in the 1989 video game.

Foot Helicopter

The Foot had many Helicopters with there logos on it the helicopters were black private helicopters and were a large way for the foot to be transported.


The Foot also had small helicopters called "Blackhawks" which they used in some of the old video games, the arcade game, Manhattan Prject, and Turtles in Time.

Foot Cruiser

Formally a Neutrino Star Cruiser, a flying car with a design similar to a 50's cadillac convertible. This retro ride was stolen by Shredder and outfitted with ooze blasters, gattling guns, eye missile launchers and turtle munching front grills. Star Cruisers were shown frequently in the classic Fred Wolf series as personal vehicles of Dask, Zak and Kala and although the origins of this vehicle were detailed in the season 3 episode "Pizza by the Shred", the Foot Cruiser wasnt featured in any episode or any other forms of media besides the toy vehicle released by Playmates Toys in 1989.  


A helicopter toy used by Rocksteady.


This toy vehicle was issued by Playmates in 1991 as Shredder's personal custom hot rod. No depictions of this vehicle exist in ay kind of media.

Foot Limo

The foot once had a limo that Karai got into when she arrived in New York.

Razor Jet

The Razor Jet is an aeronautical vehicle used by the Foot Clan in the 2003 TV series.

Foot Mechs

Vchicles used by the Foot Ninja in the 2003 TV series.

Ninja Sleds

Personal subs used by the Scuba Foot Ninja in the 2003 TV series.

Shredder's Rocketship

The Utrom Shredder Ch'rell Built a Rocket which he planned to use to return to the Utrom homeworld to conquer it, this ship was incredibly massive and piloted by Dr. Chaplin This ship has powerful shields. This ship had a computer room and spare suits for the Shredder it was concelled  under the Foot Headquarters. It appeared in the 2003 TV series.

Known Crew

Ch'rell-Shredder ( Commander)


Dr. Chaplin-(Pilot)

The Roller Car

Vehicle Used in the 1989 video game.

Street Cycles

Used by Mega Motorin' Elite Guard. Was a toy and also appeared in the GBA version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus


The Techno-Rover was a urban assault vehicle used in the 1987 TV series. According to Shredder it was the most heavily armed vehicle they had. There were plans to release this vehicle as a toy as early as 1988. If the toy was produced the Techno-Rover would have most likely have been an attachment to a Technodrome set. For reasons still unknown (but likely because of cost) those plans were scrapped. Artwork from the original sales pitch has surfaced recently in Playmates product catalog, and a rumored prototype image surfaced in a exclusive comic con 25th anniversary poster.

Tread Bearing Mobile Weapons Platform

Used by the Foot in the Return to New York story-line in both the Mirage and 4Kids version.