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Brain-sucking Sewer Machine


Cast off on the Footski, the Foot Clan's high-tech futuristic jetski! You're on the high-sewers as you patrol for brain-rich Turtles. Yes, you're dredging for fuel! Because this mutant machine processed Turtle brains into Sewer Gas, making it the first self-contained jetski in the world! If you're running low on Sewer Gas, simply run over a Turtle and suck his mutant brains out. Not easy, you say? Well, think again. Simply sail through the sewers at top speed, and when you spot a Turtle - go for it! Capture and stun the Turtle with electrifying Vinyl Leeches and the mutant brain intake valve does the rest! Pretty easy, huh?

So the next time your Footski's low on gas, cruise by a Turtle ... and just say, "fill 'er up!"