Four Musketurtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
Season Code: 3
Episode: 32
Original airdate November 9, 1989
Written by Doug Molitor
Episode chronology
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"The Making of Metalhead" "Usagi Yojimbo"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Season

List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes


  1. "Beneath These Streets"
  2. "April Fool"
  3. "Sky Turtles"
  4. "Cowabunga Shredhead"
  5. "Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers"
  6. "The Old Switcheroo"
  7. "Turtles on Trial"
  8. "Attack of the 50-Foot Irma"
  9. "The Maltese Hamster"
  10. "The Fifth Turtle"
  11. "Camera Bugged"
  12. "The Ninja Sword of Nowhere"
  13. "Green With Jealousy"
  14. "Take Me to Your Leader"
  15. "Enter the Rat King"
  16. "Turtles at the Earth's Core"
  17. "Burne's Blues"
  18. "20,000 Leaks Under the City"
  19. "Beware the Lotus"
  20. "Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp"
  21. "Super Bebop & Mighty Rocksteady"
  22. "Blast from the Past"
  23. "Attack of Big MACC"
  24. "The Turtle Terminator"
  25. "The Grybyx"
  26. "Mutagen Monster"
  27. "Casey Jones - Outlaw Hero"
  28. "Michelangelo's Birthday"
  29. "Turtles, Turtles Everywhere"
  30. "Return of the Fly"
  31. "The Making of Metalhead"
  32. "Four Musketurtles"
  33. "Usagi Yojimbo"
  34. "Shredderville"
  35. "Corporate Raiders from Dimension X"
  36. "Usagi Come Home"
  37. "Leatherhead Meets the Rat King"
  38. "Case of the Hot Kimono"
  39. "Pizza by the Shred"
  40. "Bye, Bye, Fly"
  41. "The Gang's All Here"
  42. "The Missing Map"
  43. "The Great Boldini"
  44. "Mister Ogg Goes to Town"
  45. "The Big Rip-Off"
  46. "The Big Break-In"
  47. "The Big Blow Out"

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Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Four Musketurtles


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 4
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection


  • Greg Berg voices Donatello and Bebop.
  • First time Krang's android body is shown to move by itself indicating that it has an autopilot setting.
  • First time seeing others of Krang's species. Notably, one has a mustache.


  • The teeth design on the Turtle Van's bumper was missing when Michelangelo told Donatello to get them to the parade.
  • When Krang gives his flashback about transporting the Impervium from Dimension X , he is still a brain in his Bubblewalker along with his other kind, although his story tells he had a reptilian body before he was exiled to Earth, then had it removed afterward.
  • When Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady get into the module, the Impervium is already on the generator that Rocksteady is holding.
  • When Krang says "get that Impervium gem!" he is still holding the gem.
  • When the audience cheers at the Turtles, Michelangelo's mask turns green.
  • The Foot Tenderizer on the Turtle Van was on the foot ramp instead of the top hatch when the Impervium Gem flew out of Leonardo's hand and onto the street.
  • In the first shot of the Turtles at the parade, there is a man wearing a skeleton costume but he's drawn like a real skeleton!
  • Leonardo is wearing his swords when he leaves the TV room after the others hurl pizza at him, but they're gone in the very next shot.


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