The Garage, also known as Donnie's Lab, is where Donatello keeps all his equipment and makes experiments. It appears in most episodes of the series along with other frequently-visited rooms of the Lair.



  • The lab's color scheme is overwhelmingly purple, which is also the color of Donatello's mask.
  • Like most rooms in the lair, the garage connects directly with the common area. But unlike most rooms, it also connects directly to the abandoned subway tunnel through the garage door adjacent to the common area's turnstile entrance.
  • The grow lights above the algae tanks are shown shining green light. This is highly impractical for grow lights because the chlorophyll in plants and green algae reflects green light, which is why they appear green to human eyes. When chlorophyll is used for photosynthesis, only red and blue light are used, which is why many real-life grow lights are designed to shine only magenta light.


See Garage (2012 TV series)/Gallery.

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