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Genghis Frog
Biographical information

Okefenokee Swamp, Florida


Basic martial arts training

Weapon(s) of choice

Battle axe


Punk Frogs

Physical description

Mutant Frogs



Out of universe information

1987 series

First appearance

Invasion of the Punk Frogs

Voiced by

Jim Cummings

Teachers and Students



Genghis Frog is one of the Punk Frogs, a group of four frogs that were mutated and trained by Shredder. As Splinter had named his Turtles after his heroes, the Renaissance artists of Italy, Shredder named the Frogs after his heroes - would-be world conquerors and dictators. In Attila's case, he was named after the warlord Genghis Khan, founder and emperor of the Mongolian Empire. Genghis wielded a battle axe in the animated series.

Shredder had convinced the Frogs that the Turtles were evil. However, when the Frogs were frozen by Captain Hoffman and his Anti-Turtle Force, the Turtles took them back to their lair and defrosted them, and Splinter implored that they show the Frogs compassion. The Frogs then double-cross Shredder and set him up by telling him the Turtles hid the final component of the Mutagen he needed in Stonewall Prison. Instead, the Turtles ambushed Shredder and his goons.

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