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The Glublubs are a species of tiny lobster-like humanoids that first appeared in Archie Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures issue #16: Dreadging the Ocean Blue.

They live deep upon the Earth's ocean floor in a tribal society of unknown origin. They are approximately one to two feet tall; their skin color varies from red over orange to yellow and they speak in a language that consists exclusively of "bubbly" sounds like "glub" or "blub". It seems there are both males and females existent.

The turtles and April O'Neil first encountered the Glublubs on the open ocean whilst on their way back to New York City. Ray Fillet was also there, helping defend the Glublubs from pollution of the Glublubs' native waters by Mr. Null's projects. Null's henchmen, led by Kid Terra, then captured the turtles, April, Ray and Ray's Glublub friend Bubbla, trapping them inside an underwater base. They attempted escape, and a fight broke out with Null's henchmen, during which Bubbla was shot in the crossfire by Kid Terra's harpoon gun and killed.