Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Biographical information

The planet Gremula


Otomo, the Fire god

Weapon(s) of choice

Can eat lava and fire it



Physical description


Eye color


Out of universe information


Teachers and Students
The Grem are an race of evil alien invaders from the Archie Comics version of TMNT. They feed on lava. By building a hotel adjacent to the Grem’s new base, the aliens will kidnap all the powerful and wealthy visitors, brainwashing them to do their bidding. Eventually, this will lead to world domination. As it happens, the Grem have already kidnapped Carol Sagan, whom they intend to brainwash into changing her mind about the observatory, thus keeping their plans unhindered. The Turtles charge, saving Carol and knocking Dolph Hilife out. The Grem transform into fire-monsters and put the Turtles through their paces. Carol has a plan and with Leo’s help, lures the three Grem invaders toward a series of pipes. Leo cuts open the coolant pipe, hosing down the Grem and freezing them solid. The Turtles then load the aliens back into their flying saucer and Carol programs it to head back to their homeworld.

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