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Rat King
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The Sewers, Earth




Lord Ha'ntaan

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Rat Armies


Rodent Overlord

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Archie Comics

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White Light

Teachers and Students

In Archie Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series, the Rat King is given the name Lord Ha’ntaan. The Rat King's first appearance in the Archie Comics is in issue eleven, where the Turtles encounter him while searching for the Shredder in the sewers. The Rat King allows the Turtles to pass him unhindered and tells them where the Shredder is, after Leonardo proves that he and his brothers mean him and his rat subjects no harm.

The Rat King has an extended role in the "The Future Shark Trilogy", which reveals him to be still active several decades in the future (showing no signs of having aged at all despite the fact that in the future Shark Trilogy he was seen with grey white hair). After the future version of Donatello exterminated most of the world's rat population, the Rat King declares war on him and his allies for killing so many of his "children". Though mentioned throughout "The Future Shark Trilogy", the Rat King only appears in person in the story-arc's last issue, which has him engaging in a battle royale with the Turtles, their allies and several other villains. The Rat King is defeated in the issue after Verminator X accidentally floods the room everyone is in, washing the Rat King and his rats away.

The Rat King was planned to return for another battle with the Turtles in The Forever War, but the storyline was cancelled.


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