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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

TMNT design

April & the TMNT by Mateus Santolouco

This is the most up-to-date timeline of events for the IDW TMNT continuity. Changes will be made as more information is gathered. Upcoming issues are listed in order of publication. 

Established Timeline

Upcoming Issues (Chronology To Be Determined)

  • #68 Desperate Measures - Part Two
  • TMNT Universe #8 Metalhead 2.0 - Part Two
  • #69 Desperate Measures - Part Three
  • #70 Desperate Measures - Part Four
  • TMNT Universe #9 Toad Baron's Ball - Part One
  • TMNT Universe #10 Toad Baron's Ball - Part Two
  • FCBD 2017: Prelude to Dimension X
  • #71 TBA
  • #72 TBA
  • TMNT: Dimension X - Part One
  • TMNT: Dimension X - Part Two
  • TMNT: Dimension X - Part Three
  • TMNT: Dimension X - Part Four
  • TMNT: Dimension X - Part Five
  • #73 The Trial of Krang - Part One
  • #74 The Trial of Krang - Part Two
  • #75 The Trial of Krang - Part Three

Non-Canon Issues

External Links

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