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Jhanna is a female warrior elected by an alien people to partake in a duel with Moriah, their wicked ruler who Jhanna swore to defeat during election time. The winner would gain rulership,and the loser would die. Upon traveling to the place at which the battle would take place, the vessel of Jhanna was blasted into the atmosphere of the Earth,where it crashed in Northampton.Meeting and teaming with the Turtles, she soon found herself confronted by Moriah and her enchanted henchmen. After defeating Moriah, Jhanna spared her life and marked her with a reminder of her defeat. She left Donatello her warrior braid and departed in the morning following the battle and winning of the election.


Jhanna's appearance is slightly altered as it appeared on the Mirage cover she appeared human like.

One difference from the story is that she simply leaves Moriah in her shamed her with a mark. Though in the 2003 adaption she puts Moriah in a statsis bubble and takes her back to their planet, most likely to face imprisonment.

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