John Bishop's father (IDW)
John Bishop's father
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New York City


Founder of the Earth Protection Force


Earth Protection Force (retired)

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IDW Publishing

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Desperate Measures, part 3

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Kevin Eastman
Bobby Curnow
Tom Waltz

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The father of Agent John Bishop in the IDW comics series. He was notable for being the one who first founded the Earth Protection Force in order to protect the human race against all "monsters" (non-human intelligent creatures such as mutants or aliens), after becoming a high-ranked C.I.A. agent. Most around him believed that his worries were the stuff of paranoia and fantasy, including future Senator Robert Lawson, but his son John believed him completely.

By the 21st century, Bishop's father had been stricken with Alzheimer's disease and was living at the Greater New York Senior Living center. Bishop came to inform him that the "monsters" he had believed in had shown themselves, and in a moment of lucidity, Bishop's father told him a story about President Dwight D. Eisenhower being frightened by something he had seen. Furthermore, he warned his son that by hunting monsters, they risked becoming monsters themselves.

Shortly thereafter, he was kidnapped by Old Hob in a desperate bid to rescue the Mutanimals. Along with Pam Knight, he was brought to the ruins of StockGen where Old Hob sought a trade with Darkwater and the E.P.F., but his son steadfastly refused to negotiate with the mutants to ensure his safety. Darkwater instead released the Mutanimals, freeing Bishop's father.

When Bishop used a brainwashed Slash to attack Hob and the Turtles, Hob threatened to shoot Bishop's father if he didn't stop. However, Bishop denied that the old man was his father, saying that he was just a mindless shell and that all that he was now resided in his son. Bishop's father regained lucidity just long enough to realize what was happening as his son killed him.