The Ka'Trib are a reptilian species of biped alien. They resemble a humanoid tyrannosaurus rex more than anything else. Their hands have four fingers and they are covered with thick scales.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness


In the distant past, the Ka'Trib were competitors for what is now Triceraton territory. They were forced to flee and have a distaste for the Triceratons. The thirty-six Ka'Trib worlds are neat, orderly, and well-governed, though some would call them boring. Some D'Ants, Tubers, and Spineys live on these worlds, but Ka'Tribs make up the majority of the population.


The Ka'Trib are excellent mechanics and engineers. They're best known for their abilities as shipbuilder; the Ka'Trib can build ships faster, cheaper, and better than any other species in the known galaxy. Their armada is their main defense against the Triceratons.

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