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"Life at best is bitter sweet"
— part of Kirby's final written message to Donatello

Kirby King
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The King




Fantasy Warriors

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5ft 6in


130 pounds

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2003 TV series

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The King

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Mike Pollock

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Kirby King is an artist who found a magic crystal that could bring whatever he drew to life, a former lodger of April O'Neil and a friend of Donatello. He is a homage to the legendary comic book artist Jack "The King" Kirby (1917-1994).


In both the original Mirage comics and 2003 series, Kirby lives in a leased office space in front of the cellar in April's apartment. He is shown to be a very talented sketch artist with a large imagination.



The 2003 version of Kirby.

Kirby first appears in the episode The King. His role is highly similar to that of his comics counterpart. In this world, Kirby found an odd-looking gem in a coal pile and attached it to his pencil. After doing this, everything he drew came to life temporarily, except a portal-like device. When Donatello found Kirby when helping his brother Raphael turn the water temperature hotter, they went through the portal, and found that everything he had drawn since putting the crystal on the pencil had become a world. The villains he had drawn were overrunning a city, and Donatello and Kirby managed to defeat all the villains. There was only enough time for one of them to get back through the portal, and Kirby forced Donatello back through the portal. Kirby had enough time to send a note to Donatello through the portal, however. April's background as a living drawing is rudimentary hinted at in the episode "Return of Savanti, Part 1", but never really formulated.

Transdimensional TMNT

In the rolling playing game appendix Transdimensional TMNT his statistics are given on page 105, including an excerpt from the Mirage comic in the context of a possible game scenario where he has built a new life in his world, along with some new skills in martial arts, he could learn from the local warriors.


Perhaps as a reference to the original comics, or a nod to artist Jack Kirby, in the 2012 cartoon Kirby is the name of April's father.

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