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New York City


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Mutant Falcon



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Sophie Campbell
Tom Waltz

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Koya (こうや, Kōya) was Shredder's pet falcon, whom he used for reconnaissance. She was mutated sometime following City Fall and ambushes the Turtles and their friends at April's parents' farmhouse during the Northampton storyline. She is expressive, and is excited and eager to hunt down her prey, and often speaks of eating the Turtles.

She and Bludgeon have a brother/sister-like relationship, and they look out for each other. In the Vengeance storyline, Leonardo defeated her by slicing off her wing feathers, apparently leaving her unable to fly.

After her defeat, Koya left New York City with Karai and Bludgeon. While Bludgeon was resigned to his newly-blind state and makes the best of it, Koya raged about her inability to fly, and still desires revenge against Leonardo.


  • Koya is specifically a brown falcon, a species native to Australia.
  • She is partly inspired by the Japanese folktale of the Sworded Falcon, and is named after the village, Koya, that the falcon terrorized.
  • She was meant to have blue eyes, to tie her into Leonardo's blue mask, but in the comic she has brown eyes.



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