The Krangazoids in their Bubble Walkers

The Krangazoids are the six clones of Krang who appear in the 1987 TV series episode "Invasion of the Krangazoids".



The Krangazoids with bodies

Krang decides to clone himself when he needing a new henchman who is clever, sneaky, and brillant. He uses his cloning machine to produce six exact duplicates of himself, each with their own personality. When born, the Krangazoids refused to obey Krang until Krang shows them he has complete control over their Bubble Walkers. He uses them to steal the parts needed to built a Thermo Generator which should produce enough energy to run the Technodrome forever. Although they all initially started out looking identical to Krang needing Bubble Walkers to move, they eventually grew reptilian bodies and changed colors (each of them now having a color similar to the Bubble Walker they had).


The Krangazoids with fully grown bodies

They then decide to keep the Thermo Generator for them, in order to turn the climate of the Earth more similar to their natural environment of Dimension X. They move the machine in the sewers and begin the climate shift, until stopped by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sent back to the Technodrome. There, they want to take control and become Krang's master. Krang tricks them, saying he can send them to their original home world, Dimension X, but in fact sends them to the dimensional limbo.

Personalities, voices, and colors

  • Nasty Krangazoid (Pat Fraley): blue.
  • Scaredy Krangazoid (Pat Fraley): yellow.
  • Vain Krangazoid (Barry Gordon): purple.
  • Gloomy Krangazoid (Cam Clarke): dark green.
  • Goofy Krangazoid (Peter Renaday): light green.
  • Smarty Krangazoid (Pat Fraley): grey.



Krang's contemporaries

  • The term is also often applied by fans to Krang's contemporaries shown in a flashback in the 1987 TV series episode "Four Musketurtles".


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