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Lindsey Baker
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Freaky Lindsey (by Raphael)
Linds (by Mondo Gecko)




StockGen (formerly)
Mighty Mutanimals (currently)

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IDW Publishing

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Change is Constant, part 1

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Tom Waltz
Kevin Eastman
Dan Duncan

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Lindsey Baker appears in the IDW comics, and worked with April O'Neil and Chet Allen at StockGen. She has since become the resident human associate of the Mighty Mutanimals.


Lindsey developed the psychotropic compound, part of her "Splinter Project" that divided human like cognition from animal instincts, Splinter being the first test subject given the drug. The experiments on Slash at StockGen, hoping it would validate her theories about mutation. When the Foot Clan attacked the lab, the compound and Splinter were lost, leaving Slash without the drug's mind enhancing elements needed to keep his primal instincts in check. His rampages caused great damage, and Baxter Stockman shelved the project, using her as a scapegoat.

After Old Hob and Slash destroyed StockGen, she had a hard time finding work, as few companies were performing experiments similar to StockGen and her references seemed to have vanished. Hob and Slash kidnap her at gunpoint outside her house, then tie her to a chair, offering her a table full of money to help them make a mutant army to protect the other mutants of New York. Hob had obtained a large canister of ooze and samples of Splinter's blood (containing the missing psychotropic compound). Slash willingly injects himself with some of Splinter's blood, and the compound within it makes Slash intelligent in moments, proving her theory correct. She then uses a gecko and hermit crab stolen by Hob and Slash to create Mondo Gecko and Herman, having successfully combined the compound with the mutagen. Then she and Old Hob mutate a pigeon which created Pigeon Pete.

Lindsey and Pigeon Pete are kidnapped by the Null Corporation, where Lindsey is offered a job by her former girlfriend Jillian Amante. When Hob and the Mutanimals arrive and begin causing havoc, destroying the lab, she seems to conclude it might be better to team up with Jillian and follows her out as the lab is wrecked.

She and Jillian meet with Null, who essentially forces her to agree to work for her. Realizing Null is evil, she returns to the Mutanimals, saving Mutagen Man when he was planning a suicide attack. Hob agrees she is still needed for her skills with mutagen and shares dinner with them at the end of the micro series.


  • Lindsey Baker along with her ex-girlfriend Jillian are some of the first confirmed LGBT characters in any official TMNT universe that are recurring characters and not merely bit characters. They are also the first human non-bit characters that have been confirmed to be LGBT, but they are not the first non-human LGBT non-bit characters. Soowiiksa/E'ro'chk, who was first introduced in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 4 Issue 32 (February 2006), was revealed to be lesbian in Issue 32 (May 2014). Lindsey was not confirmed lesbian until 2015.