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This is an organized list (alphabetically) of the various action figures released by Playmates Toys and NECA in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line from 2003 to 2010.


April O'Neil
Armorized Shredder
Biker Don
Casey Jones
Fightin' Gear Don
Fightin' Gear Leo
Fightin' Gear Mike
Fightin' Gear Raph
Foot Elite Guard
Foot Gunner
Foot Soldier
Foot Tech Ninja
Giant Donatello
Giant Leonardo
Giant Michelangelo
Giant Raphael
Mutatin' Donatello
Mutatin' Foot Soldier
Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutatin' Michelangelo
Mutatin' Raphael
Mutatin' Shredder
Mini TMNT 4 Pack (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo)
Mini Donatello
Mini Leonardo
Mini Michelangelo
Mini Raphael
Mini April O'Neil
Mini Splinter
Mini Shredder
Mini Foot Soldier
Nanotech Monster
Scootin' Leo
Shredder's Revenge Set (Leonardo, Shredder, Donatello)
Skatin' Raph
Steel Cage Slam Set (Raphael, Casey Jones, Hun)
Super-Poseable Donatello
Super-Poseable Leonardo
Super-Poseable Michelangelo
Super-Poseable Raphael
Thrashin' Mike
Turtle Takedown Set (Michelangelo, Foot Soldier, Raphael)


Air Ninja Donatello
Air Ninja Foot Soldier
Air Ninja Leonardo
Air Ninja Michelangelo
Air Ninja Raphael
Air Ninja Shredder
Battle Bike Donatello
Battle Bike Leonardo
Battle Bike Michelangelo
Battle Bike Raphael
Battle Nexus Donatello
Battle Nexus Leonardo
Battle Nexus Michelangelo
Battle Nexus Raphael
Baxter Stockman
Claw Shredder
Commander Mozar
Donatello with DVD
Leonardo with DVD
Michelangelo with DVD
Raphael with DVD
Crashin' Thrashin' Mikey
Deep Divin' Donatello
Deep Divin' Leonardo
Deep Divin' Michelangelo
Deep Divin' Raphael
Doctor Malignus
Fightin' Gear Don (Deluxe)
Fightin' Gear Leo (Deluxe)
Fightin' Gear Mike (Deluxe)
Fightin' Gear Raph (Deluxe)
Fire Foot Mystic
Giant Mouser
Guardian Ninja
Leonardo Vs. T-Rex
Multi-Arm Shredder
Mini Fightin' Gear Don
Mini Fightin' Gear Leo
Mini Fightin' Gear Mike
Mini Fightin' Gear Raph
Mini Plush Donatello
Mini Plush Leonardo
Mini Plush Michelangelo
Mini Plush Raphael
Mutations Donatello and Leonardo
Mutations Foot Soldier Vs. Leonardo
Mutations Michelangelo and Raphael
Mutations Shredder Vs. Raphael
Ninja Action Donatello
Ninja Action Leonardo
Ninja Action Michelangelo
Ninja Action Raphael
Ninjatronic Donatello
Ninjatronic Leonardo
Ninjatronic Michelangelo
Ninjatronic Raphael
Ninja Knights Donatello
Ninja Knights Leonardo
Ninja Knights Michelangelo
Ninja Knights Raphael
Razor Fist
Ripped-Up Donatello
Ripped-Up Leonardo
Ripped-Up Michelangelo
Ripped-Up Raphael
Silver Sentry
Space Hoppin' Donatello
Space Hoppin' Leonardo
Space Hoppin' Michelangelo(2004 action figure)
Space Hoppin' Raphael
Speedeez Nanotech Monster Set (Battle Shell, the Nanotech Monster, Casey Jones on motorcycle and a Crane)
Speedeez Garbage Man Set (Battle Shell, the Garbage Man, Raph on the Shell Cycle and a Robotic Garbage Truck)
Speedeez Foot Ninja Set (Battle Shell, Foot Soldier on Razor Jet, Leo on Shell Cycle and Foot Helicopter)
Stone Biter
S.W.A.T. Battle Pack (S.W.A.T. Donatello, S.W.A.T. Leonardo, Mousers x 6)
Toddler Turtles
TMNT Ooze Container (four baby turtles)
Triceraton Warrior
Turbo Basher Donatello
Turbo Basher Leonardo
Turbo Basher Michelangelo
Turbo Basher Raphael
Turbo Basher Shredder
Turbo Basher Zanramon
Turtle Titan
Ultimate Ninja
Usagi Yojimbo


Butterfly Swords
Combat Cruisers Don
Combat Cruisers Leo
Combat Cruisers Mike
Combat Cruisers Raph
Combat Warriors Don
Combat Warriors Leo
Combat Warriors Mike
Combat Warriors Raph
Combat Warriors Shredder
Dark Assassin
Feudal Shredder
General Blanque
Hamato Yoshi
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Don
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Leo
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Mike
M.E.C.H. Wrekkers Raph
M.E.S.S. Don
M.E.S.S. Leo
M.E.S.S. Mike
M.E.S.S. Raph
Mini Ripped-Up Donatello
Mini Ripped-Up Leonardo
Mini Ripped-Up Michelangelo
Mini Ripped-Up Raphael
Minnetonka Mutant
Monster Hunters Don
Monster Hunters Leo
Monster Hunters Mike
Monster Hunters Raph
Mystic Fury Don
Mystic Fury Leo
Mystic Fury Mike
Mystic Fury Raph
Ninja Action Foot Soldier
Ninja Action Shredder
Ninja Action Splinter
Ninja Knights Golden Box Set (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo)
Paleo Patrol Don
Paleo Patrol Dino Bike with Paleo Patrol Don
Paleo Patrol Dino Capture with Paleo Patrol Leo
Paleo Patrol Dino Runners Allosaurus with Paleo Patrol Mike
Paleo Patrol Dino Runners Triceratops with Paleo Patrol Raph
Paleo Patrol Leo
Paleo Patrol Mike
Paleo Patrol Pterodon
Paleo Patrol Raph
Paleo Patrol Raptor
Paleo Patrol Savanti Romero
Paleo Patrol Splinter
Paleo Patrol Triceratops
Raphael Vs. Yeti
Robo Hunter Don
Robo Hunter Leo
Robo Hunter Mike
Robo Hunter Raph
Shell-Astics Don
Shell-Astics Leo
Shell-Astics Mike
Shell-Astics Raph
Shell Kickers Don
Shell Kickers Leo
Shell Kickers Mike
Shell Kickers Raph
S.W.A.T. Assault Pack (S.W.A.T. Michelangelo, Dark Shadow Turtlebot, S.W.A.T. Casey Jones)
S.W.A.T. Attack Pack (S.W.A.T. Raphael, Foot Tech Gunner)
Ultimate Daimyo
Wind Up Walkin' Donatello
Wind Up Walkin' Leonardo
Wind Up Walkin' Michelangelo
Wind Up Walkin' Raphael


Agent Bishop
Baxter Robot
Cody (2006 action figure) (Fast Forward)br /> Dark Don (Fast Forward)
Dark Leo (Fast Forward)
Dark Mike (Fast Forward)
Dark Raph (Fast Forward)
Donatello (Fast Forward)
Starlee (2006 action figure) (Fast Forward, Cancelled)
Jammerhead (Fast Forward)
(Fast Forward)
Michelangelo (Fast Forward)
Movie Action Don
Movie Action Leo
Movie Action Mike
Movie Action Raph
Mutated Don
Paleo Patrol Donatello's Attack Crawler
Paleo Patrol Leonardo's Attack Crawler
Paleo Patrol Michelangelo's Attack Crawler
Paleo Patrol Raphael's Attack Crawler
Paleo Patrol Sabre Cycle with Paleo Patrol Biker Raphael
Raphael (Fast Forward)
Rat King
Serling (Fast Forward)
Shell Speeder Leo (Fast Forward)
Shell Speeder Raph (Fast Forward)
Sh'Okanabo (Fast Forward)
Splinter (Fast Forward)
Steel Wheel Don (Fast Forward)
Steel Wheel Mike (Fast Forward)
Torbin Zixx (Fast Forward)
Triple Strike Don (Fast Forward)
Triple Strike Leo (Fast Forward)
Triple Strike Mike (Fast Forward)
Triple Strike Raph (Fast Forward)
Viral (Fast Forward)


Alien Hunter Buzzrok (UK release only)
Alien Hunter Donatello
Alien Hunter Dumpjumper
Alien Hunter Leonardo
Alien Hunter Michelangelo
Alien Hunter Multiflex (UK release only)
Alien Hunter Raphael
Alien Hunter Thrashmor
April O'Neil (TMNT (2007 film))
Auto Attack Donatello (TMNT 2007 film)
Auto Attack Leonardo (TMNT 2007 film)
Auto Attack Michelangelo (TMNT 2007 film)
Auto Attack Raphael (TMNT 2007 film)
Bigfoot (TMNT 2007 film)
Big Mouth Talkin' Donatello (TMNT 2007 film)
Big Mouth Talkin' Leonardo (TMNT 2007 film)
Big Mouth Talkin' Michelangelo (TMNT 2007 film)
Big Mouth Talkin' Raphael (TMNT 2007 film)
Casey Jones (TMNT 2007 film)
Don vs. General Mono (TMNT 2007 film)
Donatello (TMNT 2007 film)
Donatello Stunt Rider (TMNT 2007 film)
Extreme Sports Mikey (TMNT 2007 film)
Fast Forward TMNT
Foot Ninja (TMNT 2007 film)
Jungle Leo (TMNT 2007 film)
Karai (TMNT 2007 film)
Leo vs. General Gato (TMNT 2007 film)
Leonardo (TMNT 2007 film)
Leonardo Stunt Rider (TMNT 2007 film)
Max Winters (TMNT 2007 film)
Michelangelo (TMNT 2007 film)
Michelangelo Stunt Rider (TMNT 2007 film)
Mike vs. General Serpiente (TMNT 2007 film)
Mini Movie Star Multi-Pack
Mini Movie Donatello
Mini Movie Leonardo
Mini Movie Michelangelo
Mini Movie Raphael
Mini Movie Splinter
Mini Movie Max Winters
Mini Movie Gato
Mini Movie Vampire Succubor
Mini Movie Foot Ninja
Mini-Mutants Donatello vs. Foot Tech Ninja
Mini-Mutants Leo's Dojo with Leonardo and Shredder
Mini-Mutants Leonardo vs. Hun
Mini-Mutants Michelangelo vs. Rat King
Mini-Mutants Moto-Cycle Leonardo
Mini-Mutants Raph's Iron Pumpin' Gym with Raphael and Mono
Mini-Mutants Moto-Cycle Raphael
Mini-Mutants Moto-Slider Donatello
Mini-Mutants Moto-Slider Michelangelo
Mini-Mutants Raphael vs. Triceraton
Monster Capture Raph (TMNT 2007 film)
Mutating Don (TMNT 2007 film)
Mutating Leo (TMNT 2007 film)
Mutating Mike (TMNT 2007 film)
Mutating Raph (TMNT 2007 film)
Nightwatcher Stunt Rider (TMNT 2007 film)
Raphael (TMNT 2007 film)
Raph vs. General Aguilla (TMNT 2007 film)
Secret Agent Don (Fast Forward, UK release only)
Shredder (TMNT 2007 film)
Sloth Monster (TMNT 2007 film)
Spider Aracknor & Jersey Devil (TMNT 2007 film)
Street Grindin' Donatello (TMNT 2007 film)
Street Grindin' Leonardo (TMNT 2007 film)
Street Grindin' Michelangelo (TMNT 2007 film)
Street Grindin' Raphael (TMNT 2007 film)
Splinter (TMNT 2007 film)
Surveillance Don (TMNT 2007 film)
Vampire Succubor (TMNT 2007 film)


Black & White Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pack(NECA)
Donatello (NECA)
Leonardo (NECA)
Michelangelo (NECA)
Mini-Mutants Don's Secret Surveillance Lab with Don & Bigfoot
Mini-Mutants Extreme Sports Donatello & Baxter Stockman
Mini-Mutants Extreme Sports Leonardo & Jammerhead
Mini-Mutants Extreme Sports Michelangelo & Foot Elite
Mini-Mutants Extreme Sports Raphael & Shredder
Mini-Mutants Mike's Kickin' Crash Pad with Mike & Foot
Mini-Mutants Leo vs. Raptor
Mini-Mutants Paleo Patrol Donatello vs. Stego
Mini-Mutants Paleo Patrol Leonardo vs. Scorpion
Mini-Mutants Paleo Patrol Michelangelo vs. Chomper Bug
Mini-Mutants Paleo Patrol Raphael vs. Winged Dino
Mini-Mutants Sewer Cycle Leonardo
Mini-Mutants Sewer Cycle Raphael
Mini-Mutants Sewer Slider Donatello
Mini-Mutants Sewer Slider Michelangelo
Mouser San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pack (NECA)
Raphael (NECA)
Shell Shifters Donatello
Shell Shifters Leonardo
Shell Shifters Michelangelo
Shell Shifters Raphael
Sub-Sewer Don
Sub-Sewer Leo
Sub-Sewer Mike
Sub-Sewer Raph
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Set (NECA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New York City Comic-Con Exclusive Box Set (NECA)


April O'Neil (1988 Reissue)
April O'Neil with Mouser and Battle Damage Mouser (NECA)
Bebop (1988 Reissue)
Donatello (1988 Reissue)
Donatello Mini-Figure
Donatello (NECA "Batsu")
Fugitoid (Limited Edition Collectable)
Leonardo (1988 Reissue)
Leonardo Mini-Figure
Leonardo (NECA "Batsu")
Michelangelo (1988 Reissue)
Michelangelo Mini-Figure
Michelangelo (NECA "Batsu")
Mini-Mutants Aerial Assault Don & Foot
Mini-Mutants Aerial Assault Leo vs. Shredder
Mini-Mutants Aerial Assault Mike vs. Elite Foot
Mini-Mutants Aerial Assault Raph vs. Hun
Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Donatello
Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Leonardo
Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Michelangelo
Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Raphael
Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Shredder
Raphael (1988 Reissue)
Raphael Mini-Figure
Raphael (NECA "Batsu")
Rocksteady (1988 Reissue)
Splinter (1988 Reissue)


Foot Soldier (1988 Reissue)
Shredder (1988 Reissue) with Krang (1994 Reissue)
Slash (1990 Reissue)

Unknown Release

Mini-Mutants SWAT Don vs. Foot Tech Ninja (Australian/UK only release)
Mini-Mutants SWAT Leo vs. Shredder (Australian/UK only release)
Mini-Mutants SWAT Mike vs. Rat King (Australian/UK only release)
Mini-Mutants SWAT Raph vs. Hun (Australian/UK only release)


Auto Attack Donatello (Fast Forward)
Auto Attack Leonardo (Fast Forward)
Auto Attack Michelangelo (Fast Forward)
Auto Attack Raphael (Fast Forward)
Centaur Monster (TMNT 2007 film)
Biggles (Fast Forward)
Casey Jones (1989 Reissue)
Cyber Don
Cyber Foot
Cyber Leo
Cyber Mike
Cyber Raph
Cyber Shredder
Cyber Splinter (Build-A-Figure)
Dojo Leo (Fast Forward)
Earth Foot Mystic
Foot Soldier (Mirage style)
Front Attack Mike (TMNT 2007 film)
Front Attack Raph (Fast Forward)
Global Mutant Missions Donatello
Global Mutant Missions Jagwar
Global Mutant Missions Leonardo
Global Mutant Missions Michelangelo
Global Mutant Missions Mutant Ape
Global Mutant Missions Mutant Dragon
Global Mutant Missions Raphael
Global Mutant Missions Mutant Tasmanian Devil
Inuwashi Gunjin (Fast Forward)
Mini-Mutants Cyber Donatello
Mini-Mutants Cyber Foot
Mini-Mutants Cyber Leonardo
Mini-Mutants Cyber Michelangelo
Mini-Mutants Cyber Raphael
Mini-Mutants Cyber Shredder
Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Foot
Moonbase Don (Fast Forward)
Mousers (6 Pack)
Mutated Splinter (Fast Forward)
Music Don
Music Foot Ninja
Music Leo
Music Mike
Music Raph
Music Shredder
President Bishop (Fast Forward)
Purple Dragon
Sea Monster (TMNT 2007 film)
Secret Agent Leo (Fast Forward)
Secret Agent Mike (Fast Forward)
Secret Agent Raph (Fast Forward)
Side Attack Don (Fast Forward)
Side Attack Leo (AKA Power Assault Leonardo, TMNT 2007 film)
Shredder (Mirage style)
Splinter vs. Bigfoot (TMNT 2007 film)
Splinter (Mirage style)
Starlee Hambrath (Fast Forward)
Street Phantom (Fast Forward)
Sub-Sewer Metal Klawz
Sub-Sewer Spider Bytez
Triple Threat (Fast Forward)
Video Game Mikey (Fast Forward)
Water Foot Mystic
Wind Foot Mystic
Wrestler Raph (Fast Forward)
Black & White Donatello (NECA)
Black & White Leonardo (NECA)
Black & White Michelangelo (NECA)
Black & White Raphael (NECA)
Donatello (Mirage style)
Foot Elite (NECA)
Foot Ninja (NECA)
Leonardo (Mirage style)
Michelangelo (Mirage style)
Mini-Mutants Drako
Mini-Mutants Firefighting Don vs. Fire Dragon
Mini-Mutants Firefighting Leo vs. Shredder
Mini-Mutants Firefighting Mike vs. Fire Enemy
Mini-Mutants Firefighting Raph vs. Fire Enemy
Movie Star Don (1991 Reissue)
Movie Star Leo (1991 Reissue)
Movie Star Mike (1991 Reissue)
Movie Star Raph (1991 Reissue)
Raphael (Mirage style)
Shredder with Utrom (NECA)

Unconfirmed Status

These figures were supposed to be re-released in 2008/2009, and Playmates has claimed they released, but no evidence has been found. The only known copies of these figures were last seen at Mirage Studios
Ninja Action Donatello (2004 Reissue)
Ninja Action Leonardo (2004 Reissue)
Ninja Action Michelangelo (2004 Reissue)
Ninja Action Raphael (2004 Reissue)

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