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1987 series

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Attack of Big MACC

Voiced by

Peter Renaday

Teachers and Students

"I love the smell of lasers in the morning."

(The) (Big) Mobile Armored Computerized Combatant, or (Big) MACC (spoken out as "(Big) Mack"), is a character from the 1987 TV series episode "Attack of Big MACC". He exited from a vortex from another dimension and confronted soldiers. Krang wanted to capture the robot so he sent Shredder and his 2 mutants go to get him. He saved April & becomes friends with the Turtles but is manipulated by Shredder. But he rips off the Docilator and shoots at Shredder & his 2 mutants and explained to the Turtles & April that he is non violent. He is very friendly with the Turtles and went back to their lair. But when he hears Donatello say he may be a danger to himself and others, he leaves and gets manipulated by Shredder again to cause terror in the city. Later he is freed of the manipulation, saves the Turtles and defeats Shredder, his Foot Clan, Krang & his Rock Soldiers. MACC than goes back to his own dimension. Despite claiming to detest violence, he attacks anything that causes violence. He likes to speak like a cowboy from Western movies, much to the chagrin of the Turtles and Krang.


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