This is a transcript for Meet Casey Jones, the fourth episode of season 1 of TMNT (2003 series).

Raphael [Fade up onto a man's eyes and zooms out to show he's wearing a hockey mask] I guess you could call it fate, [Cut to a further shot to show the man twirling two baseball bats in his hands] but I've finally met somebody as angry as I am, and he was really making me mad. [Zoom further out to show Raphael's legs then cut to show him pulling out his twin sai and twirling them in his hands] My name is Raphael, and the bozo in the hockey mask is about to find out just how angry I can be! [Raphael charges forward]
The episode opens in the Turtles' Lair. Raphael is suddenly thrown into a pile of boxes. Michelangelo walks up to him as Leonardo, Donatello, and Splinter look on.
Michelangelo Nice fall, Raphael. Just come on back if you want some more of that.
Raphael [Gets up and takes a box off his head] You've had it, Mikey. [Michelangelo spits on his fist and wipes it on his chest] Bro or no, you got to go.
Michelangelo [Raph jumps up and tries to punch him, but he dodges it] Good reverse punch. [Dodges a few of Raph's kicks] Nice roundhouse kick too, Raph. [Dodges more punches] Not a bad dragon punch either, but you're just a little too slow. [Whacks Raph] Actually, MUCH too slow.
Raph gets up and punches Mikey, knocking him back. He charges at Mikey and tries attacking him, but Mikey dodges and backflips away.
Raphael [Angrily] You think you're better than me?! [Charges at Mikey] Do you?! [Engages Mikey in a test of strength]
Michelangelo [Quickly turns and throws Raph into a table] No. You're just too cocky, Raph. [Walks up to his brothers and Splinter] Winner and still champion, Michelangelo!
Raphael gets up and grabs a chair leg. The two brothers and Splinter see this and become worried.
Raphael No. No. You YOU! [He jumps up and lands on Mikey and prepares to hit him with the leg]
Michelangelo Raph! Raph! [Covers his face] Wait! WAIT!
Leonardo [Grabs Raph's arm to stop him] Raphael, have you lost your mind?
Donatello You okay, Mikey? What were you thinking, Raph?
Raphael [Drops the leg and starts breathing heavily] I... Leo... Mikey, I...
Splinter [Walks up to Raph] Ah my son, so angry. Rage is a monster that will destroy you from within. Raphael, a true warrior finds balance in all things. [Raph gets up]
Raphael Master Splinter, I... Uh, I... I-I got-I gotta get some air. [Runs off, Mikey tries walking towards him, but Splinter stops him]
The screen fades to nightfall. On a rooftop, Raph bursts out the door and overlooks the city.
Raphael [Angrily] WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!
Meanwhile, in an apartment building, a man is watching a newscast while curling a weight.
Newscaster And in other news, more sightings of a vigilante wearing a hockey mask are being reported in connection with several brutal attacks on the notorious Purple Dragons gang, alleged to have underworld connections.
The man narrows his eyes.
Man Purple Dragon scum.
A fire is shown in his eyes as the man has a flashback of a burning building with several gangsters walking out of it and up to him. The camera then zooms in onto the eyes of the one in the middle, which turns out to be Hun, and hears him laugh. The screen fades to an extreme close-up of the man's eyes. He then gets out of his chair.
Man Somebody's gotta stop those Purple Dragons. [Grabs a hockey mask off a table] Somebody's gotta make them pay. [Grabs a golf bag with two baseball bats, a golf club, and a hockey stick then goes up to a mirror and twirls the hockey stick] And they will! [Turns and stops twirling the stick] They'll all pay! 'Cause Casey Jones is on the job!
The scene fades to the streets. A woman walks into a dark alley while looking worried at a thug with spiky hair leaning against a wall next to it and chewing on a toothpick. The thug tosses the toothpick and walks in behind her. The woman notices two more thugs, one with blue face paint and one with a sideways hat. They laugh and walk towards her. She backs up and walks right into the spiky haired thug.
Woman [Terrified] Oh no.
Spiky Hair Hand over the purse, sweet thing, and we promise not to hurt you. Too much.
Raphael is watching this from a nearby fire-escape.
Raphael Man, these guys picked the wrong night to tick me off.
The thugs grab the woman's purse. Casey Jones appears at the other end of the alley, banging his hockey stick on a trash can lid to get their attention.
Casey Jones Purple Dragons! Come out and play! [Starts walking up to them]
Spiky Hair It's that wacko with the hockey mask! Let's get him! [The thugs run towards Casey]
Raphael Looks like this is gonna be good.
Casey dodges a punch from the spiky haired thug and knocks him down with the hockey stick. The blue-faced thug comes at him, but Casey uses the lid to stop him and knocks him down as well. Casey turns around to see the sideways hat thug and knocks him down. He then walks up to the thug.
Casey No mercy, scum. I'm putting you punks outta business! Permanently! [Lifts up his hockey stick to hit the thug]
Raphael That guy's outta control. [Jumps down to behind Casey] Whoa! [Grabs Casey's arm]
Casey Hey!
Raphael Easy there, cowboy. They're down! You stopped them! You did good! Take it easy. [Casey breaks free of Raph]
Purple Dragon Thugs [Run away] I'm outta here! Come on! Let's get outta here!
Casey Aw man, they're getting away! Stay outta my business, freak! [Punches Raph and goes after the thugs] You can run, Purple Dragons, but you can't hide from Casey Jones!
Raphael [Grabs the purse and walks up to the woman] Sorry about all this. Here's your purse, ma'am. [Offers her the purse]
Woman [Grabs the purse] Keep away from me, you lizard-thing! Keep away! [Runs away]
Raph sighs and goes after Casey and the Purple Dragons. He hears beating sounds and sees a shadow of Casey beating them up.
Casey You've stolen your last purse, dog breath!
Raphael Unbelievable. This guy just won't quit. [Casey grabs the spiky haired thug, but Raph kicks Casey to knock him down] I told you to cool it, pal.
Casey [Gets up] Yeah? And I told you to stay outta my way, but since your ears don't seem to be working, [Swings his hockey stick at Raph, but misses] I'm gonna have to get my point across a whole 'nother way.
The scene changes to the Turtles' Lair. Mikey is showing Donnie a picture while Donnie works on something.
Michelangelo See Don, we can have our very own Battle Shell. I've even got a name for it. I call it "The Battle Shell"! I've got it all figured out. Turbo-boosters, double-action traction, cool secret thingies shooting out the back. We should be tricking out the armored car!
Donatello By "we", you mean me. And I don't have the time. There's too much to do around here. [Grabs the picture and crumples it up to toss it] Besides, where would we keep the thing?
Michelangelo We could find a place. Just think of overhauling the wheels. Please? Please please please please? Did I mention you're my favorite turtle?
Splinter [Holding two planks] Ssshhh. Leonardo is working on perfecting his Ninjutsu skills. Perhaps something you two should consider? [Turns to Leo] Leonardo, leaping split-kick! [Leo jumps up and attempts the move, but cannot do it] Try again, my son. It will come with practice.
Michelangelo [Impersonating Splinter's voice] Donatello. Donatello. If you build it, we will ride. [Normal voice] In turtle-style!
Donatello [Grabs a "Sewer Sweet Sewer" sign and hammer] Here, motor-mouth. Make yourself useful. [Mikey moans] Hang this up someplace nice.
The camera cuts to Raph and Casey.
Raphael Listen, I'm trying to tell you something here, but you're really working on my last nerve.
Casey Is that right? [Swings at Raph, but misses]
Raphael I think your trying to do the right thing, but you're going about it all wrong. You gotta get control of yourself.
Casey Look, freak boy, if you're protecting these Purple Dragon scum, then you're in my way, and you're going down too! [Swings at Raph again, but Raph dodges]
Raphael Hockey season's over. [Kicks the hockey stick out of Casey's hands]
Casey Yeah? [Pulls out two baseball bats] Well baseball's in season! And so are you, you freaky freakin' weirdo! Batter up!
Raphael Fine! Play ball! [Pulls out his twin sai]
Back at the Lair, Mikey is trying to put up the sign, but the nail won't go through the wall.
Michelangelo What's this wall made of? [He keeps hammering until he breaks the nail] Huh? [He walks away and comes back with a bigger nail and a sledgehammer] Alright, tough guy. Hehehe. Let's dance! [He successfully nails the sign to the wall, but the wall starts shaking] Uh oh. [The wall comes apart, revealing a door] Uh guys. Looky what I found. [Donnie, Leo, and Splinter join him]
Donatello [Whispering] It's a door of some kind.
Leonardo [Whispering] Be careful.
Michelangelo [Whispering] Why are we whispering? [Donnie and Leo look at him]
Donatello [Places a hand on the door which opens it, releasing a foul smelling gas] Whew! That's some stank.
Michelangelo Don't look at me, my brother. Remember, he who smelled it dealt it. [They walk into the room; A bunch of lights in the room turn on and a crystal is hanging from the ceiling] Hey. I found a bunch of these crystals when I was cleaning up the Lair. They were all broken though.
Donatello Where's the power source for this room? I don't see any wires or- [The door closes behind him and the room starts to shake]
Leonardo Hey, are we...moving?
The camera cuts to Casey and Raph. Casey charges but Raph blocks him with his sai.
Raphael Hey, you gotta listen to me. You're angry. I can understand that, believe me, but what if you grab the wrong guy? What if you go too far and get yourself in real trouble? [Casey knocks him down with his bats]
Casey I got my reasons for doing what I do, and they got nothing to do with you! [Swings, but Raph blocks it]
Raphael Fine, all you wanna do is fight? [Gets up and kicks Casey down] Let's fight!
Casey knocks him down and pulls out a golf club. Raph angrily gets up and kicks him back. He walks up to Casey and takes his mask off. Raph suddenly stops.
Raphael Wha... What am I doing? We're on the same side. We shouldn't be fighting. [Helps Casey up as Casey grabs a golf club] We both just need to get ahold of ourselves, take it easy, chill. [Gives Casey his mask]
Casey You know, you're right. You've shown me the error of my ways. Not! Fore! [Whacks Raph with the golf club and laughs] I can't believe you fell for that! {Runs away but Raph chases after him]
Meanwhile, in a warehouse, the room that Donnie, Leo, Mikey, and Splinter were in rises from below the floor. They step out.
Michelangelo Where the shell are we?
Donatello opens a door, revealing that they are on the surface.
Donatello So the weird glowing chamber brings us up to street level?
Splinter [Sniffs around] This warehouse has been abandoned for many many years.
Michelangelo Great space. But it needs something. Hm. Bathtub? No. Kitchen? Nuh uh. I know! A souped up Battle Shell would be perfect right here! [Points at a space, then a different space] No, no, right here is the perfect spot to keep the souped up Battle Shell! [Walks away] No, no here!
Leonardo I think he's trying to tell you something, Donnie [Donnie closes the door]
The scene changes to Raphael.
Raphael I know that big dope is around here somewhere.
Casey appears at the other end of an alley on a motorcycle and trips Raph up with a hockey stick.
Casey I got more where that came from, freak boy! You want a rematch!? Check me out Friday night, Central Park! Adios, loser! [Rides away]
Raphael Come back here you..! Ah nuts.
As Casey rides away, the spiky haired thug appears behind another alley and makes a phone call.
Spiky Hair Yo Dragon Face. It's that guy. The one with the hockey mask. He was fighting with some weirdo in a bug costume, and I know where he'll be on Friday night.
The camera cuts to Dragon Face, a Purple Dragon member with a dragon tattooed on his face.
Dragon Face I want that hockey mask wearing vigilante's head on a plate. Put everybody on alert. Everybody. This guy's been messing with our business for months. It's time we started messing with him.
The scene changes to the Lair. The three brothers and Splinter return from the warehouse via the elevator.
Leonardo I don't know who could have built this thing, but if we're going to use it, we're going to need safety precautions and extra security up in the warehouse.
Donatello Piece of pie.
Michelangelo Mmmm. Piece of pizza pie. [Raph returns] Welcome home, Raph. Man, you look like you got the shell kicked out of you.
Raphael Yeah, it's a long story. But first I... I-I wanted to apologize. Mikey, I'm sorry I got so outta control earlier. Guys, I'm really sorry.
Michelangelo [Puts one hand on Raph's shoulder and punches him in the arm with the other] Hey, don't sweat it, bro.
Leonardo Alright. Who are you, and what have you done with our brother Raphael?
Raphael Let's just say I had a chance to think about the way I've been acting. I'll fill you in over dinner.
Michelangelo Dinner? Now you're talking my language.
Raphael [They start walking away] What language is that, Mikey? Nit-wit?
Michelangelo [Sarcastically] Ha ha. Listen to the funny mutants.
Later that night, the turtles attempt to sneak out.
Leonardo I don't know, Raph. We should probably tell Master Splinter.
Raphael And have him stop us from going topside? We have to find that vigilante whack bag and stop him. For his own good. He's not a bad guy. Just a little misguided.
The turtles don't realize that Splinter is watching them the whole time. He turns on the lights and the turtles stop.
Splinter Ahem.
Michelangelo Busted.
Splinter How many times have I told you not to sneak up to the surface?
Michelangelo [To Donnie] This month?
Donatello 512 actually.
Splinter It is dangerous for you to go about openly in the world above. You cannot simply walk amongst the humans. They will not accept who and what you are. It is as the great sage and warrior Kenji Hashimura once said, "Why walk when you can ride?"
Raphael Come again? [Splinter smiles]
Splinter [Shows them the elevator] Take the truck.
The four brothers enter the elevator and go to the warehouse and look at the armored car.
Raphael Alright, we got until Friday night to make this bad boy turtle-ready.
Donatello Let's get to work.
The Turtles work hard to soup up the car and eventually finish the Battle Shell.
Raphael Now this is a ride.
Donatello [Takes off safety goggles] You ain't seen nothing yet. Let's roll!
They all get into the Battle Shell and buckle up. They then take off from the warehouse. The camera cuts to Casey riding his motorcycle to Central Park. As he turns, a Purple Dragon thug with blue hair sees him and makes a call.
Blue Hair I got him, Dragon Face. He's in the park.
Dragon Face We're on our way. He ain't getting outta that park. Not on two feet anyway.
Meanwhile, the Battle Shell also arrive at the park, with Donnie driving.
Donatello ...and on your left is Central Park, 843 acres of landscaped beauty in the center of the city.
Raphael [Looks out the window] Wait! There he is! [Casey rides past them, Raph runs up to Donnie] Floor it, Don! Keep up with him!
Donatello You go get him, Raph. [Points behind them] I've whipped up something special for you. It's in the back. [Raph goes to the back of the truck and sees a red motorcycle and helmet] Like it? I call it "The Shell Cycle!"
Raphael [Grabs the helmet] Donatello, you are the turtle!
Raph rides out of the Battle Shell and rides past it and into Central Park. Casey sees him and speeds up. Raph catches up to him.
Raphael Hey Hotshot! Slow it down! [Casey speeds up and they go through two turns with Raph easily keeping up with him and riding up to his right] Pull over! [Casey speeds up but Raph catches up to his left] I said pull over! [Raph forcefully applies the brakes on Casey's bike causing him to crash, Raph then turns around] Time for a little shell-shock. [He speeds towards Casey and jumps off the bike to tackle him to the ground and watches as the Shell Cycle falls down]
Casey Ugh, I can't believe I just got my butt kicked by some giant frog.
Raphael [Takes off his helmet] Turtle.
Casey Whatever.
Raphael Look, I'm no fan of the Purple Dragons either. I'll help you take them down, but we gotta exercise just a little restraint.
Casey [Raph helps him up] Save it. You don't know what you're talking about.
Raphael Try me.
Casey [Lifts up his mask] Well, a long time ago when I was a kid, [Flashes back to a young Casey watching a building get burned by five thugs] Some young punks were shaking my dad down for protection money. They were Purple Dragons. [The thugs walk up to Casey] When he didn't pay, they torched our store.
The biggest thug, Hun, walks up to him. Casey takes a fighting stance, but Hun just grabs him by the shirt.
Hun You tell your old man, punk, next time pay up or else. [Picks Casey up and just drops him before walking off with his goons]
The young Casey looks at the burning building sadly. You can see the fire in his eyes. The screen fades to the present-day Casey's face, who has the same fire in his eyes. He closes his eyes and sheds a tear.
Casey [Turns to face Raph] So don't tell me how to deal with Purple Dragons!
Raphael Just be careful. Your anger could take you down. Make you act just like them. My father once told me a true warrior finds balance in all things.
Casey Balance, huh?
Raphael Well, you know, as much balance as a couple of hot-headed whack-bags like us can manage.
Casey [Smiles] Me? You're the only whack-bag around here, Doc.
Raphael Hey, I'm not half as crazy as you. [Punches Casey in the arm]
Casey Sorry, but for a little green dude, you are totally nuts. [Punches Raph back]
Raphael Yeah, well I'm not the one running around in a hockey mask.
Casey I gotta protect my good looks. I'm saving this face for Hollywood.
Dragon Face Well, isn't this romantic.
They see Dragon Face and several other Purple Dragons carrying various weapons and surrounding them.
Casey So, when you said I'd go too far, get myself into trouble, you meant something like this?
Raphael Something like it
The Purple Dragons get closer to them, but the Battle Shell rolls in at the last second, causing the thugs to disperse. Leo, Mikey, and Donnie join them.
Casey Friends of yours?
Raphael Brothers actually. [The turtles pull out their weapons]
Casey I can see the family resemblance.
Michelangelo I'm the pretty one.
The Purple Dragons charge. Mikey and Donnie use their weapons to block two thugs' attacks and knock them back. Casey and Raph each have a thug jump at them but knock the thugs back. Leo gets surrounded by multiple thugs. He sheathes his swords and split kicks two of them.
Leonardo [To Raph and Casey] Guys, check it out! I got my split kick right!
Raphael [Fighting someone off] I missed it! Let me see it again! [Leo split kicks two more thugs but Raph is fighting off another thug] One more time! [Leo split kicks two more thugs] Haha! Saw that one! [Puts away his sai and holds up all six fingers]
Casey I give you a ten! [Holds up ten fingers]
Leonardo Hey, Raph, only a six? [Elbows a thug behind him in the stomach]
Raphael Bro, it's all I got! [Blocks a punch and kicks someone]
Mikey uses his nunchucks and Casey uses his hockey stick to hit two more thugs. Leo confronts Dragon Face. After a short fight, Leo uses his swords to chop part of Dragon Face's weapon off.
Dragon Face Uh oh. [Leo kicks him to knock him out with the rest of his gang]
Raphael [To Casey] I know I'm gonna regret saying this, but I'm glad I met you, crazy man.
Casey Me too, freako, and you know something? I'm starting to see what you're all about. [Puts a hand on Raph's shoulder]
Raphael Oh you mean about balance? Self-control?
Casey No, I mean that you're a green mutant freak. [Laughs and punches Raph in the arm] But I like you.
Casey and Raph start laughing and punching each other. Casey tackles Raph down and they continue to fight while Mikey, Leo, and Donnie look on.
Leonardo [To Michelangelo] He's your brother.
Michelangelo No no, he's YOUR brother.
Leonardo Absolutely, YOUR brother.
Fade to credits.

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