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  • Hey there, The S! My name is Doug from Wikia's Community Development Team! I wanted to stop by and let you know that we are currently working with Activision to create a fun little bracket tournament  between TMNT characters and 90s Nickelodeon characters to help celebrate the upcoming release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan.

    It'll be more of a character popularity thing instead of a 'battle' matchup. We'll cross-promote to a variety of Nickelodeon wikis to help get outside eyes and votes within it as well. We will host the tournament on a user blog on this community and it'll be four rounds until the winner is select, lasting in total about a month.

    Does all that sound good to you? We wanted to give you heads up about it, if you have any questions and concerns, just let me know. Thanks and have a great one!

    TheBlueRogue @Wikia •(profile)•(talk)•( 21:42, May 16, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Hi, The S!

    I was directed over here by Trigger009 ;) Would you be interested in having TMNT added to our television footer program?

    Best regards,


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  • I have noticed that there had been templates for first appearances and death just like they did on the wiki for the different comics. Is there a way for you to add in templates for mentioned and apparent death? The first one was because of Zog being mentioned in the recent two episodes of the 2012 TV series.

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    • I think the vague, implied deaths could be something we do (your Death? template is pretty great), but I personally don't think the apparent deaths of characters who show up later would be anything of note to keep track of. Otherwise we're gonna be tagging all of Kraang Subprime's appearances and a few other characters (Romero?) this way.

      For my opinion, the (Death?) template would be for characters who are implied to have died and pretty much are very unlikely to return.

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    • Swan Song is a pretty solid case—it's chronologically the very final Mirage TMNT story where Leonardo is seen alive. This is his strongly implied death scene:

      Leonardo Buddha

      I think the only story chronologically after this one, is one (I forgot its name) where a very elderly Donatello remembers his brothers who are now gone, using holographic simulations to recreate them. That one ends with a scene of him going to bed. Renet is standing nearby, watching him, and shedding a tear. The implication is that he's going to sleep and never waking up again. That could be another use of the "(Death?)" tag.

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  • Where have you heard that Tokka is both genders? Everytime the referred to Tokka in-show, it was with she, her, or mother. All of which are female terms.

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  • Can you please update this list, taking Muckman out of the Canceled Projects section and add Karai, Armaggon, Spittin' Raph & Mikey, Muckman, Robug, Dimension X April & Casey, and the Tongue/Eye-Poppin' figures into the 2016 releases? Also add the vehicles and playsets from Out of the Shadows please? Thanks!

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    • I sadly do not have the opportunity to do so myself right now but I just went and unlocked the topic. Feel free to add 'em yourself.


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  • My criticism comment was intended to be frank, but it was never intended to be crude. I'm generally better prepared for adult TMNT discussion, and I didn't even know the word "fanwank" was considered explicitly sexual—I know where the word comes from, but it's already so deeply entrenched in fanspeak that I never really think of it as an obscene word. Either way, I edited my comment to change "porn" to "naughty movies" and "fanwank" to "fanservice." I hope that should fix the sexual reference issues?

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    • You also asked why I still comment on a show that bothers me so much.

      I like wiki editing. It's a collaborative documentary effort, and there's a lot here to contribute here, and I have contributed to a great deal of it. But there's also a social dimension to getting involved here. I don't just want to collaborate—I want to talk to people.

      And the problem arises not only when a show most people are watching goes south (most of my friends have stopped watching it entirely), but it's still the only thing most users on the wiki want to talk about, and they seem to have a habit of talking most about the very things on the show that make my skin crawl the worst. Since I love TMNT, and I love this show for what it has done in the past, it is painful to see how the show is going, and I periodically feel a fan pain that compels me to comment on that.

      But what's also painful is when practically no one is talking about the good TMNT that actually is still being published (by IDW, etc.). In so many ways as a TMNT fan, I'm alone on this wiki, and I'd like more people to actually be reading and commenting on all the other stuff out there. But not only do most users seem to be 2K12-only fans (or 2K12-and-1987-only fans), but they don't seem to have much of an inclination to read or discuss anything else in the TMNT multiverse. I've tried starting forum threads for other versions of TMNT before, and have been met with the deafening silence of crickets.

      It's been suggested that I can just go to the Technodrome Forums if I want more people to talk to who like the same things I like. And yes, I'm already registered there. But the problem is part of the reason I'm at Turtlepedia to begin with—Technodrome is not a wiki, and what I want, again, is a collaborative documentive effort. Since not all my friends who have come to loathe 2K12 have this same documentary ethic, they aren't here on this wiki, which means we never hear from them. And I've occasionally asked some of them to become involved at this wiki, but they'd rather not. And why? Because they see this site as mainly for current fans of what 2K12 is doing lately, and so much of the busiest attention and discussion is about topics that makes their skin crawl. Being in such a place would be joyless and irritating to them, as it occasionally has been for me over the past year.

      But as long as this is Turtlepedia and not just 2K12pedia, I still have work that needs to be done here. And when being that fan comes with the occasional (or even prolonged) distress of fan disappointment, I need an outlet for those frustrations. And this site needs both such contributions—the documentive in its articles as well as the critical in its comments.

      Can you see the logic in my words?

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  • XD1

    Hey hey! There's a new TMNT trailer coming soon, would you mind if I used the currently blank main page slider slot for it when it comes down the pipeline?

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  • Hi, I have read on official news releases about Fred Armisen voicing Krang. Though the news releases didn't mention Krang having two As in his name which you created it as. If this is an error, can this be fixed? Or should we wait to see how the movie credits him since the toyline credits him with two As?

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  • Hi The S,

    I have a question for you. Is our infobox style copyrighted? I was using this infobox style to create one for the Powerpuff Girls wiki, but an admin told me that it could be copyrighted, so can it? I didn't even know that was a thing considering no one is technically getting paid for it.

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  • How do you add an infobox to a page? When I try to add one, it says "Sorry. No infoboxes foundConvert some old infoboxes into new format"

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