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  • Hi The S, there's this guy that keeps deleting my article Foot Clan Resistance; Karai's part of the foot clan. Because of this User I need to undo he's deletion, he's vandalizing my stuff. This User is Ultimate Titan6. Please do something about it I can't keep undoing his deletion candidates. Thanks in advance The S.

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    • Actually, The S, not only is he is the one vandalizing the wiki with false information and an unnecessary page, he also insulted me twice.

      Proof: Thread:113194#12

      He put on the page that the reformed Foot Clan are a "Splinter group" when Splinter has no knowledge these ninjas exist for all we know. Plus, Karai is in full control of the Foot Clan now, being the leader of the Foot Ninjas, wearing the Kuro Kabuto, and taking over Shredder's lair. If there is a resistance force, it is Shredder and his six mutants. He doesn't even have foot bots anymore.

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  • Hi, I'd like to let you know that the character section for the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles needs to be updated with the information up to now. As it is locked so that administrators can edit it, I was wondering if you can add the information needed like Gwendoline Yeo voicing Shinigami.

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  • This isn't a wiki question, but a Technodrome Forums question. As you probably know, Goku made more dumb accounts and got banned. ToTheNines and GoldMutant think my account (still pending) is a Goku account, but I've never met Goku and am a different person. Can you back me up on the forum? Thanks.


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  • In the few years I've been on this wiki, it's been my understanding that "allies" referred to an overall group of mutual allies. As in, the allied faction, a.k.a. "any one of the various good guys." With members of that faction each having a protagonistic element, they are all each other's allies. This is especially meaningful when stories focus less on one of the four turtles themselves and more on a supporting character, such as Slash (The Meeting of the Mutanimals), April (White Horses), Karai (The Amulet), etc. This is especially common in the various comics, where characters can be more of an ensemble and the story's focus and character development can be passed around.

    And if the four turtles can't be considered "allies," then it would seem to be that neither could April O'Neil, nor Casey Jones, nor Splinter, nor Shadow Jones, but then we ask ourselves "where do we draw the line?" When the very importance of characters themselves can ebb and flow, and when they seem more "main" sometimes and more "marginal" at others, the very distinction starts seeming arbitrary. If one were to say Splinter or April can't be considered main characters, then it can spark a pointless avoidable debate.

    It is simpler just to see "allies" as the overall group of each other's allies, including the central protagonists. Any other definition seems unnecessarily arbitrary and idiosyncratic.

    Another thing to consider, is that if it's just about who are allies to the turtles, then depending on the story, the four turtles don't always maintain the same set of allies, which led to categories like Allies of Leonardo Hamato (MNT Gaiden). Another example is Michelangelo (Mirage) and his new genocidal Triceraton allies (like T'Zirk), and sometime back I added that Michelangelo to Villains (Mirage) because he's become a genocidal maniac who's committing mass murders of innocents out of sheer revenge. Then there's characters like Shadow Jones (Mirage), who may or may not be fated to become a villain and actually stop being an ally, and with her Uncle Raphael (Mirage) slated to gradually go insane in just about every Mirage TMNT future story, he's gradually becoming a wild card character too. Michelangelo (IDW) also left his family (technically he's still not part of their new venture), and though they share many of the same allies, they aren't necessarily sharing all the same allies, either. TMNT stories don't always have trivial black-and-white character dynamics of good vs. evil, and that great moral grey area is actually one of the things that can make them even more interesting.

    To more directly answer your question:

    Why would a turtle qualify as their own ally?

    The answer is:

    • Leonardo is an ally of Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo.
    • Donatello is an ally of Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo.
    • Raphael is an ally of Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo.
    • Michelangelo is an ally of Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael.

    As a group, they are among "the allies," which also include the other allies they can rely upon, including Splinter, April, Casey and so forth.

    Eh, sorry for the flurry of comments. Your rationale really caught me off-guard, is all, since it's the first I've heard it since I registered here in December 2013.

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    • Just be glad this is not DC wiki. That guy does not post rules and he reverts every change you make without telling you why in seconds. And then when you try to get and answer its either vague or it's nonsense. He reverted an entire para graph once because he did not like just one word that I had use!
      So pretty much what Trigger009 does here.
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    • Trigger009 is not immune to constructive criticism. :)

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  • On several fronts, I suppose. Not only did I misconstrue your intentions and statements, but on Monday I was having a pretty nasty panic attack that lasted all day. I know you said I should see a doctor—I do see doctors, and have been for most of my life. The problem with panic attacks is that they take so long to dissipate, and meanwhile I either sit and feel miserable, or I try to channel it into something productive. The problem with channeling is, in the process I become super manic, a lot more than I already usually am, hence the hastily thrown together forum thread proposal. And then when I suddenly saw a user barreling through articles and deleting categories, I had to comment on it, but I think I was a lot more brusque than I should have been. And when he became hostile towards me, it effectively boosted my panic attack, in the process destroying what clear judgment I had left.

    The rest of that day was hell. The next morning was an aftershock panic attack. The next morning after that was another, smaller, aftershock panic attack. Then morning after that was more normal, and it's been flushed out of my system.

    The problem with me having a panic attack, is that I can't exactly easily say I'm having one when I'm having one. They're already very unpredictable things, and advertising that I'm having one makes them even more volatile and unpredictable by adding even more variables to the mix in the way other people react to it. I can only talk about it in the open now that it's finally dissipated.

    And the trigger for the first panic attack? When you told me all your frustrations. I felt really, really bad that I'd contributed to so much stress on your part. Over the past three days, it's all actually had me thinking more about my relationship to this wiki and what I should be doing in the future. But that's not the topic of this post. This is my apology, and I'm sorry for all that.

    Anyway, do you remember at all me saying, a while back, that I never want to be made an admin here? (Or perhaps I told Trigger009.) The reason is because I cannot be guaranteed to be stable at all times. Most of the time, I'm fine, and edit with a bit of eager mania. But during a panic attack, the very core of my judgment is altered, and all bets are off. Fortunately, as long as no one's yelling at me, such panic attacks are relatively rare and most never involve Turtlepedia.

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  • Hi, I would like to answer why I did my edit on Ashly Burch. It was because the link was broken and I thought that was the closest thing to an article about April there was since they were both in IDW.

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  • Is it ok I can upload my upcoming comic

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  • I noticed that there is no catagory for the writers of the current turtle show. How can I add one for them?

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  • So I'd like to talk about changing the wording of the Teen and Mature tags if that'd be cool? 

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    • Sorry for the delay, had a big family get together so starting this conversation was really bad timing on my part. As for the tag, yeah I do feel it's condescending especially when you hang it over something like The Ninja Turtles meet Batman. But for Mirage and Image, which both hinge on the fact the guys flat out try to revenge kill a man and then Leo decapitates him...yeah. And that's just violence, never mind...let's call it "romance". So I get warning people.

      On the other hand "YOU'RE A LONG WAY FROM NICKTOONS" is an odd sentiment to me because while the Nick show is very much not that, an equally vital plot point is that Shredder loses half his face to a fire and they actually show you said gross face fairly frequently. Sal Commander has a lil' hole in his side that lets you see inside him. Every third episode is a Cronenberg tribute. All well within TV-Y boundaries sure, but I'd argue that for the IDW stuff specifically? I think a younger fan who could handle all that would do okay with something like the Shredder fighting his way out of hell or Rat King taking away Leo's mouth. (Though there is actual decapitation in there too, but if that can fly under a general teen pass...)  

      And the problem really isn't being informal. I'd actually be really down with the Wiki adopting a TFWiki style approach but that's neither here nor there. As is I just feel like the tag does unintentionally come across like it's talking down to a certain audience which, let's be honest, is going to hunt down this stuff if they actually want to check it out no matter what age they are regardless of what anyone says. If nobody cares then the tags don't have to be changed but since you're open to suggestions I'd argue the Dr. Who suggestion is the best if you actually want to be matter of fact. Some of TMNT is family friendly. Some of it really isn't. 

      Also if you wanna go every other wiki route and work in quotes from the franchise:  

      "Hmm. Kids. [insert Splinter style explanation of why material is mature] 

      "Wise man says some material is really [T for teen or M for Mature or whatever rating system] 

      For mature specifically though, there's an issue of Tales of the TMNT where Raph and Casey are getting kid Shadow ready for her first day of school and then break down and weep in each others arms chibi style. So maybe a picture of that with "Our little fan's all grown up!" and an explanation for why the material miiiiight not be for them? 

      And there's that little Raph moment in Turtles Forever where he's really taken by the Mirageverse so the tag could be "This is my kinda place! Grim, gritty...I like it!" [Just because RAPH likes it doesn't mean you will. Some Ninja Turtles stuff is intended for older audiences.]

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    • Interesting considerations.

      What about the black and white parts of the templates? "You're not on NickToons anymore!" I liked the visual similarity to a mature advisory warning while poking a bit of fun at TV-Y7 expectations.

      Also, if I recall, the 1990s films were PG, not PG-13, so I wouldn't necessarily give them a teen template anyway.

      If there were a franchise quote in the teen template, I'd prefer it to be from a work that is teen-rated.

      That said, many Mirage comics are indeed more teen than mature rated, but the occasional Mirage stories (like Bodycount and parts of City at War and Blind Sight) are most certainly not teen-rated, but they form a combined canon so the mature template remains for them all because we are not a ratings bureau.

      My other concern is that templates should not appear in any way to be badges of shame, nor should they be signs encouraging users into inappropriate edits or comments.

      Lots of stuff to consider.

      Hm, now that I'm having a humorous, cattier moment, and though it's probably not the best idea, I admit I'd be really, really tempted to use an image/quote like this for the mature template:

      What's this s--t

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  • COMIC THEORY What Krang's Original Body Looks Like! (TMNT) Comic Misconceptions NerdSync12:12

    COMIC THEORY What Krang's Original Body Looks Like! (TMNT) Comic Misconceptions NerdSync

    Hey The S! I've found this rather intresting video about Krang from the 80s show. It actually explains what his original body looks like! (It can be a bit cringey in some spots but trust me. Its worth it)
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