Metalhead 87
Biographical information

Earth, Technodrome, Turtles lair


The Original Party Robot

Date of birth


Weapon(s) of choice

Guns and Weapons produced from his entirely Mechanical body , Radical Robo-chuks, Portable Party Pack, Radar/Foot Blaster and Utility Belt, Laser gun


Robo - Turtle, Turtles Maid


Foot Clan TMNT

Physical description

Robot Turtle






Quarter ton

Hair color


Bandana color


Eye color

Glowing Red

Out of universe information

1987 series

First appearance

The Making of Metalhead

Voiced by

Dorian Harewood (Shredder's alternate voice)
Townsend Coleman (Michelangelo's voice)
Rob Paulsen (Raphael's voice)
Barry Gordon (Donatello's voice)
Cam Clarke (Leonardo's voice)
Pat Fraley (Krang's voice)
Renae Jacobs (April O'Neil's voice)

Teachers and Students

Metalhead is a rogue robot turtle in the 1987 cartoon series. Krang imbued Metalhead with the thoughts and ninja abilities of all the turtles in The Making of Metalhead.


Because Metalhead had all the Turtles' brain-wave patterns, it was subject to dissociative identity disorder, exhibiting different personalities from one minute to the next. Donatello reprogrammed Metalhead to fight for the Turtles, but after being shot by Bebop, it malfunctioned and attacked everyone. Donatello was able to rig some of the broadcasting equipment at the Channel Six News Building to reprogram Metalhead. As a result, Metalhead realized that the Turtles were his friends and protected them from Bebop and Rocksteady. When the Turtles were ill at the end of the episode, Metalhead became their new nurse.

He was only seen again when Donatello tried to get him to vacuum their TV room in episode Big Bug Blunder. This backfired, as he began vacuuming people and sucking up objects like rugs, forcing the Turtles to shut him down again.

His original action figure bio described him as "The original Party robot!". The figure featured an arm with swappable mecha-nunchuks, a backpack with scanner and video games, and vac-metallized detailing. The figure was later re-issued as a roboticized Michelangelo.

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