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IDW mike
Biographical information

New York City



Date of birth



Mastery of Ninjutsu and combat martial arts
Olympic-level-athletic Skill
Exceptional Skateboarding Skills

Weapon(s) of choice





Turtles (former)
Mighty Mutanimals (former)

Physical description

Mutant Turtle



Bandana color

Orange (current)
Red (former)

Eye color


Out of universe information



IDW Publishing

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 1 (IDW)

Teachers and Students



In the IDW Comics Michelangelo, just like his brothers, is a reincarnation of one of the sons of Hamato Yoshi that in medieval Japan were murdered by Oroku Saki. He began his new life in the present as a water turtle hatchling in the laboratory of StockGen Research, Inc., Baxter Stockman's genetics laboratory where he served as a guinea pig for an experiment to bred naturally armored super-soldiers. Some ninja tried, to seize the Turtles and various other research results from the laboratory, including a super soldier mutagen. The intervention of his also reborn father, now a lab rat, resulted in the turtles and Splinter being were wetted with a chemical cocktail which eventually made them mutants.

In this version Michelangelo appears less childish than in previous incarnations; and is quite a glutton with a special fondness for pizza. Though this passion and his cheerful nature he makes best friends with the pizza delivery boy Woody Dirkins and (contrary to the 1987 TV series), when he and his brothers encounter the Neutrinos, he finds his sweetheart in the royal princess Trib. He also demonstrated over the course of the series the ability to speak and read Japanese fluently - a property that is not shared by his brothers - and thus is capable of translating the Ashi no Himitsu without any trouble.

In issue 50, Mikey's father Splinter finally defeated the Shredder and aided his death, becoming the new leader of the Foot Clan in the process. Mikey wanted nothing to do with the Foot Clan as an organization, so he left his father and brothers and started living on the streets.

In issue 52, Mikey was tracked down by his friend Mondo Gecko, and in issue 53, the Mighty Mutanimals welcomed Michelangelo as their newest member. Mikey participated in one Mutanimals operation, but then stumbled over one of Old Hob's dirtier secrets: Hob, Man Ray and Herman were secretly hoarding large amounts of heavy weaponry without the knowledge of the other Mutanimals, who believe the weapons they'd been seizing were being destroyed. The trio had also jailbroken and recruited Hun to manage their weapons and sell off surplus for profit. In issue 54, Mikey was followed by the rest of the Mutanimals (minus Pete), and their learning of Hob's secret caused a tectonic scandal within the group. Mikey and Slash immediately chose to leave the Mutanimals. Among the remaining team, Sally Pride lost much of her faith in Hob, Mondo and Seymour Gutz had similar doubts, Lindsey Baker didn't care about the revelation, and Hob's accomplices Ray and Herman remained loyal to him. Hob blamed Mikey for turning half his team against him, and vowed he would not forgive Michelangelo or forget what he had done. Mikey decided to move back into the remains of the family's recently-wrecked lair and invited Slash to come live with him, but Slash decided to become his own master for a while, and the two parted in sadness.


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